Lady Cynthia Hemphill is a smarty pants.

A HOT smarty pants.

As the only child of a family of landed gentry, Cynthia has led a privileged life. Spoiled by indulgent parents, the precocious Miss Hemphill grew up with servants, elocution teachers and governesses. She attended the finest boarding schools in the country, learning to ride to hounds, fight with swords, and handle firearms. She's since forgotten horsemanship, but remains conversant with guns and sword.

She went on to study comparative religion, anthropology and history, graduating from Cammbridge University with the degree of Doctor of Natural Philosophy.

Then disaster. Her parents died and left the estate in the hands of an unscrupulous cousin to act as regent until Cynthia reached her majority. The poor girl was locked in a tower and her ugly cousin was planning a forced marriage when she escaped by tying bed-sheets together and climbing out a window.

She took to the sea to escape the unwanted attentions of her cousin and his agents. She took her father's pistols, her grandfather's epee, and the heirloom family signet ring with her.

Cynthia is a cheerful young woman, who views the loss of her estate as a setback, rather than a catastrophe. She tends to be over-cautious except when she's been drinking.

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