TFT Spells

In the Slope campaign, there are several magical systems and they, generally, do not play well with each other.

For the most part, I will not give players a huge list of spells. They will start with some simple spells, and have to find new spells via adventuring.

The major types of magic are:

  • Regular TFT magic.
  • Regular TFT magic with 'hung' spells.
  • Dark magic (works poorly in Sunlight. Important sailing magics here.)
  • Crystal magic (based on crystals, duh. Most magic items are made by crystal mages.)
  • Blood magic (has an evil reputation as you can use victim's blood. Can change what you are.)
  • Pelagic magic of the Slope itself. This is the magic of the deep running water. (This magic is for NPC's since players can't be mermen.)

Sample Dark Spells

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