Slope Runner PCs

ImageCharacterPlayerJob Aboard Slope RunnerDescriptionChapter Entered Game
ArguntArguntJoeQuartermasterReptile man who leads the charge in battle8
Ez's FaceEzDavidCrewA "sailor and scavenger" who fell from the sky near Slope Runner. Suspected to be insane. Formal name Vloadgomblezgwadermiomhiperd.19
Jervis' FaceJervis ChambersDanSupport StaffWoodsman and traveller, servant supreme and master of all known skills7
MortMortSteveDeputy QuartermasterA student of religion and law who fights well but thinks clearlyProlog
Seph's FaceSephMariannePassengerYoung sorceress with a love of animals and distaste of oppressive rulers17
TashaTashaThomasSupport StaffA pretty and outgoing young girl with various entertaining talents20
Angelina's FaceCaptain Angelina DefenseRichardMaster and CommanderOrderly female ship's officer and scholarProlog

Slope Runner NPCs

ImageCharacterPlayerJob Aboard Slope RunnerDescriptionChapter Entered Game
Smiles' FaceSmilesThomasSurgeonAn accomplished surgeon and priest with a love of women, wine and the martial artsProlog
IsstaIssta de FreejanNPCsurgeons mateEight year old ward of Smiles, met after Forgehot pirates destroyed her town and orphaned her2?
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraDavidPart-ownerParty leader, slinger, sneaker with a soft voice and foreign beautyProlog
Scriallig's FaceScrialligNPC - former MarcOwner on boardOne-armed male silver dwarf businessman from a ship-owning familyProlog
Unknown FaceKaiNPC - former TonyCrewSturdy female sailorProlog
 AlbethaNPCFirst Surgeon's MateEarly 20s female recruited by Smiles at Last HopeProlog
 DonauilNPCCrewmale crew member??
 Commodore Johnnen EmbrarNPCCommodore Emerituselderly experienced sea captain who retired but remained aboard, may eventually be commodoreProlog
 JoachimNPCMidshipmanLong time crew memberProlog
 Mipe Gnach ("Mipe")NPCLieutenantmaleProlog
 GifethNPCPart-ownerHandsome thirtyish man with a relaxed and easygoing mannerprolog
 SufetNPCGifeth's assistant?Early twenties woman who is seemingly Gifeth's loverprolog
 KetiNPCSecond Surgeon's MateDistractingly attractive young woman, formerly a whore but now a medical apprentice19
 Aniketos AgisNPCMidshipmanYoung man from Ash whose family was killed during a volcanic eruption, has various sailing skills19
 IttemnNPCCrewHuman from Tyrinnec, awesome archer who hates Roknari?
 MorrengNPCCrewDwarf from Yiss, competent fighter?
 DeRammothNPCCrewGood fighter with a dry sense of humor?
 John JohnsNPCCrewRegular crew, good with a crossbowProlog
 CorwinNPCCrewSays "if you know what I mean" a lot, various weapons, doesn't like Earwhenshwail?
 Slim FilletNPCCrewVery good with knives and hates Forgehot?
 NestremNPCCrewGood fighter with all weapons, junior seaman, from Chalion?
 Rollo Eagle EyeNPCCrewNearsighted seaman with a heavy shield and mace?
 Toff TallmanNPCCrewOlder, experienced sailor, very loyal to Lieutenant Siggh?
 GentonNPCCrewExpert Longbowman, newer seaman?
 RadleyNPCCrewHorsebowman, bad in melee?
 Mam VethNPCPassengerOpinionated and hard of hearing?
 Old Man VethNPCPassengerQuiet, frail?
 YallueNPCPassengerYoung man who is very friendly and good at getting money from people?

PCs no longer aboard Slope Runner

ImageCharacterPlayerLocationDescriptionChapter Entered GameChapter Exited GameStatus/reason for Exit
Rosencrantz 'Buzz' de Buzzstein FaceBuzzNPC - Former WesDelroe, Old IbraAlcoholic low level noble who loves brewing and partying and telling stories1318Retired to partner with a man to start a grand tavern
Cynthia's FaceLady Cynthia HemphillFormer DanDeceasedAttractive scholar of many disciplines with gunsProlog4Tortured to death by teh temple of the brother at Neeki for trying to recover stolen property
GoselJulia GoselFormer MarianneDeceasedBeautiful elven princess with a talent for blood magic and music816Died revealing the location of a blood mage attacking a city in Darthaca
Vane's FaceVane WindwrightNPC - Former NilsFey realm?A Forgehot dark mage with a rough attitudeProlog6Made a wish to a beautiful fey and was taken by her
LunaLunaNPC - Former MarianneThe Forgehot Fleet?Mysterious fortune teller who often speaks vaguely, served as navigator and midshipman1718Surrendered herself to Forgehot pirates to save the crew from death
IbraMiguel "Ibra" Espada?NPC - Former NilsUnknownCharming swashbuckling bastard with a love for bravado and a good story79Interpersonal issues, left the party (Player withdrew)
Kirivan's FaceSir KirivanWesFighter, crewYoung warrior son of a noble, adventuring to find his place in the world1821Died heroically saving the Lady Khala during an assassination attempted, knighted posthumously
Arturo AspirarArturoRichardCrewSilver Dwarf Master Armourer/Silversmith Sailor1921Quit adventuring to setup a shop of his own

Non-Slope Runner Significant NPCs (Noteworthy Friends or Enemies)

CharacterLocationDescriptionChapter First Encountered
Don CarloDelroe, Old IbraThe lord of the lower river, much beloved by his people. The party helped recover his stolen goods and he rewarded them well18
Brother-dedicantNeeki, RoknarGrudge and suspicion against crew of the Slope Runner. Ordered Cynthia tortured to death, needs revenge taken4
Zor'rak IronscarredSeaZor'rak is a mute orc with a scar on his neck. He can speak by the aid of a magical mouth engraved on a gold chain around his neck. He's a rich and successful merchant who masters the ship 'Golden Maw' looking for good trade opportunities21

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