There are two categories of rules included on this page.

The first set are rules that Rick is entirely happy with (GM Note: Everyone, everywhere should love and I am inordinately pleased with).

The second set of rules are ones specifically for the Slope campaign. The Slope is either play testing them or they aren't relevant to other campaigns.

All rules on this page are official for The Slope; however the second set of rules are more likely to be tweaked.

Rick's Well Established Rules (Unlikely to change)

The official copies of these rules is located at:

These versions are here for player convenience, but are not the official copy. With that said, in theory they won't change much if at all going forward.

Game Master Files and Essays

Advantages of Great Strength?

Dying in TFT?

Farming in TFT?

Wishes, Economics and Battles of Wills in TFT?

Random Treasures & Gems?

Environment Files and Essays

Falling Damage in TFT?

Jumping & Piles of Bodies in TFT?

Crowded Hexes in TFT?

Character Rules

Superscrips in TFT?

Dwarves in TFT?

Gnomes in TFT?

Reptilites in TFT?

Thelonicans in TFT?

New Spells and Essays

Healing Spells in TFT?

Environmental Magics in TFT?

Rune Stones in TFT?

Wards in TFT?

Fighting Rules

Sweeping Blows in TFT?

Revised HTH rules in TFT?

Weapons and Equipment

Armor In TFT?

Fine Armor In TFT?

Weapons List

There are a number of changes from the traditional TFT weapon list.

  • Two handed weapons do more damage.
  • Impailing weapons do X dice - a modifier, where as mass weapons do X dice + a modifier. This was done so that impailing weapons tend to do a little or a lot of damage.
  • Pole Weapons have been greatly revised. Now they do *1.5 damage if you move at human running speeds, but *2 or more if you are going at mounted speeds. As impaling damage, they now do damage like 2d-2 to give the weapons high varience to damage. The largest pole weapons are treated as spears for charge attacks, and as axes for trading blows. The DX modifiers I use for Pole weapons are listed with them.
  • The number of weapons has been greatly expanded and more weapons have been added for very strong figures.
  • Bows now require +3 ST to fire them twice per turn. This was done for both game balance and realism.
  • I have added picks (a swung impailing weapon) which are deadly, but have their own disadvantages.
  • All weapons now have a minimum ST (so you can calculate bonus damage if you have greater than that minimum ST).
  • This is the weapon list that I will use for my upcoming TFT pbem campaign.

Rick's Rules for The Slope or in Play Testing

Dark Elves in the Slope Campaign

Humans in the Slope Campaign

Knacks in the Slope Campaign

Boars and Entelodonts

Attached Rules

Many Slope specific rules and campaign specific general knowledge were given to players as documents. These have mostly been translated to wiki pages, but if anyone wants a copy of a file to use in another game or for reference, here are the original GM provided files


This file gives the basic background information for the campaign.

This file gives some basic information on near by demesnes. This information is captured on the wiki in The Atlas of Allplaces

This file gives the set up at the story start. It is a couple months before you start your voyage.

How you should write up your character and some wise (?) advice.

  • GM NOTE: I need to put up a revised document here. For now, "Experienced" gives you +4 attributes and 1 NSA.

Updated Talents list

Old Page, just leaving for now for reference

There are two sections of the rules.

First are those that I feel everyone, everywhere should love and I am inordinately pleased with. These are posted publicly on the TFT website that Joe has made and can be found here...

All of the rules there are official for this campaign. If I post rules there that are NOT official for the Slope, it will say so in those rules.

The link below goes to a page with a modified GM shield and any other GM aids I wish to put here.

GM Aids

Second are those rules which are not ready for prime time. They may be works in progress, rules I am not happy with, things that need polishing, etc. They are posted here on this wiki. They are official for now, but they are far more likely to be tweaked or changed as the months go on. Also those rules that only make sense for this campaign setting are here.

Dark Elves in the Slope Campaign

Humans in the Slope Campaign

Knacks in the Slope Campaign


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