Dark Elves
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Unlike most campaigns, the Elves in the Slope are beings born of wild magic, and have a (generally well deserved) reputation of cruelty and evil. Most races react to elves with a -2 reaction. Elves are only common in the far north and tend to be beings of magic. Many elves are full mages, but most have some small magic or knack. Tho there are exceptions, most elves prefer not to grub in the dirt or hunt for themselves. Rather they prefer to enslave others for food and amusement.

The elves may be very short to very tall. Their skin tone ranges from blue black to normal flesh color. They tend to be slim and their hair is usually blond or white. Their ears range from slightly pointed to huge appendages sticking out at almost right angles from their heads. Their proportions are generally just far enough from human norms to make them look creepy, tho some are extremely beautiful or handsome. They can be thought of as being drow, but with much more varied physical appearance.

An elf starts with: ST 4, DX 8, IQ 7, & +13 points to be added anywhere. Their MA ranges from 9 to 14, but most often is 12. (Their maximum ST, DX & IQ are 30, 70, and 50 respectively.)

Elves do not like armor: If they wear any armor, the MA penalty is 2 higher than normal.

Most elves are somewhat fragile. If they take 10 or more damage from heavy impact damage (such as from a club or mace) they take one extra point of damage for every 10 damage done this way.

Many elves dislike the light. They get -2 DX in bright sunlight. But they see well in the dark, they get two less points of DX penalty for dim or dark environments. (And some dark is so deep that humans would consider it pitch dark, but elves could see a little at -6 DX.)

Many elves sicken if they enter an area with no mana. Typically their ST is lowered by 6 (this may kill weak elves outright), and are at -2 DX in such areas.

Most elves have minor magical power called 'knacks'. These could be anything, but typical knacks are:

  • The ability to project fear.
  • The ability to be easy to overlook.
  • The ability to induce lust.
  • The ability to induce deep sleep.
  • The ability to curse people. (One point curse, lasts 1 day.)
  • The ability to sense lies.

Many elves are chemists or alchemists specializing in elaborate and baroque poisons.

Many elves have powerful magical advantages. These must be decided at character creation.

Elves may sacrifice experience to gain permanent advantages:

Heighten Senses: Elves may spend 5 attributes worth of experience to gain extremely powerful senses aided by magic. They roll 2 dice less to notice subtle sensory clues.

Long Limbed: Elves may spend 4 attributes worth of experience to allow their legs to grow longer. This gives them +2 MA. Alternately they can have their arms grow long, which gives them a 2 hex reach with normal weapons.

Rapid Healing: Elves may spend 3 attributes worth of experience to allow them to heal 3 points of damage per day of rest.

Horns: Elves may spend 2 attributes worth of experience to give them short, sharp horns on their foreheads, knees, elbows and knuckles. This gives them +2 damage in unarmed attacks. Elves find other elves with these horns to be repulsive and generally elves will only do this if they do not care what other elves think of them. (-1 reaction from most other elves.)

ELF GIFTS: These are abilities that are a cross between a talent and an advantage. They may be learned after character creation. However, most elves only manage to learn one or at most two of these abilities. To gain the first gift they must spend the mIQ to gain it and sacrifice 5 from a maximum attribute. To gain the second gift, they must spend the mIQ and sacrifice 10 from a maximum attribute. (It is theorized that they could gain a third and fourth, or more gifts, sacrificing 20, 40, etc. from a single maximum attribute each time.)

Astral Awareness (4) By concentrating deeply (-4 DX for any actions on normal world) you may become aware of happenings in the near (shallow) astral plane. The only combat that can occur between you and the astral plane is with elven weapons, spirit combat, and Thrown spells at -4 DX.

Breath Water (4) May breath salt water for any length of time. Fresh water may be breathed but you will take 1 pt of damage / day. Note that the cold is very dangerous in water, and winter lore is a good idea if you will be in cool water.

Elven Smith (4) By taking the soul of an elf that has just died, you may ask it if it wishes to pass on, or go into a weapon. If it chooses to go into a weapon you must immediately start building a weapon (normally fine or very fine). The weapon (or armor), may have abilities similar to powerful spirit magic items. Additionally it will warn you of enemies by glowing, it can attack astral figures (and if you go astral, you take the elven weapon with you), and has any gift that the soul had in life. The only danger is that when the weapon breaks the soul may be prevented from passing on to the after life. It is rumoured some elves take unwilling souls to make weapons with. These are effectively bound spirit items.

Empathy (4) This facility allows you to feel the emotions of those near you. You get +6 IQ with Detect Lies talent. You will also get +4 followers to your normal total. By concentrating for 2 turns, you can ask the GM what the emotions of an NPC are.

Feel Spirits (4) Allows elf to feel spirits within 5 meters of him if he concentrates. Woodland, and environmental spirits especially are easily found. By spending 2 fST an elf may try to 'wake' a spirit and make it more active. Spirits often have magical abilities similar in power to the spirit magic items. This facility allows the elf to transmit feelings telepathically to a spirit but this requires cooperation on the spirits part and several hours time.

Hunter's Sight (4) Allows Elf to see by star light as well as a human can see by day, and by day see as tho the elf had Far Vision (atm conditions permitting). In total darkness the elf can see with a -4 DX adj. The elf effectively has x10 binoculars for far vision and range penalties for missiles weapons are reduced by 2.

Magic Resistance (4) Any missile spell that hits you does 6 less points of damage. All other non-creation spells (but including magical obstacles that are cast on you) you may choose to resist. If you resist a spell roll one die, on a 1 to 3 the spell works, on a 4 to 5 the spell fails, and on a 6 the spell will often fail catastrophically.

Tree Walking (4) May move along branches and thru trees at -4 MA & absolutely silently. May also fire Missile spells or Missile / Thrown weapons thru a slight screen of leaves at no negatives (with no chance of the spell / weapon being deflected). Tiny branchlets will support your weight, and generally the tree will 'help' your climbing.

Winter Lore (4) Allows elf to move on snow as tho it were solid ground & leave no footprints. Also the Elf is assumed to have 30'C protection from the cold (+40'C when asleep). For purposes of finding food it gives the equivalent of Woodsman during the winter only.

As can be seen there is a huge variety in elves. Players wishing to play an elf should negotiate with the GM as to exactly what abilities and rules will govern them.

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