Known Religions of the Slope to offend everyone easily...


Known colloquially as "he whose name shall not be spelled", Earwinashwail is the god of law/order/justice/etc. The clerics of this religion were oppressive to the people of Last Hope making it an unpleasant place for the PCs to live and eventually resulting in their departure. However, Mort is a cleric of the religion and assures us they aren't all bad. During Mort's prayer group in chapter 19, Earwinashwail seemingly told his followers to visit the believers on Porkettos. The first divine guidance he's given the party. Ngwira and Mort are known practitioners.


  • Last Hope
  • Porkettos, the Archipelago

The Five (or Four)

The Quintarian (Or Quadrene) faith are two closely related religions. Both religions agree on the core pantheon of four gods. The Father, the Son, the Mother, the daughter. These gods order the seasons and are the patron deities for fathers, mothers, men without children, women without children. The father/son orders have security/military roles in society. A cleric of the Son's order killed the PC Cynthia for the crime of wanting her stolen property back.

The divergence in the religion revolves around "The Bastard" who for most cultures is the 5th god who is patron for anyone who doesn't fit into the standard family setup (Orphans, bastards, homosexuals, etc). In Roknari culture, the Bastard is a demon and the orphans, etc are mostly treated as outcasts. The Roknari actively oppose the Bastard and have been known to cut off the thumbs of priests of the bastard.


  • Roknar (Four)
  • Darthaca (Five)
  • Brajar (Five)
  • Ibra (Five)
  • Chalion (Five)
  • Yiss (Listed as strongly influenced by the Luvian Pantheon)

Jizzo the Fox

Religion worshipping Jizzo the fox, a trickster/prankster/comical god who likes parties, drinking and humor. Likes his followers to make merry, make jokes at their own expense and not take anything too seriously. Buzz and Seph follow this religion.


  • Darthaca (Minor religion)

The Soulwell

Religion practiced by Smiles and Issta. Involves lots of meditation, exercise, spiritualism. All those who die go to a soul well/life stream/etc and their energy is recycled.


  • Aboard Slope Runner by Smiles/Issta
  • ??

Forgehot Pantheon

Due to an end of chapter contest, we have a lot of (OOC mostly) knowledge of this religion.

The deities are:

  • AEstorric...... Warrior, famous for drunken berserks, riot, rape & ruin of legacies.
  • Fyvem.......... Goddess of home, crafts, farming, trade, story telling, sex & fertility.
  • Eddik............ God of military science, healing, clever battle tricks, and seamen.
  • Manillo.......... God(dess) of both genders. Tricks, wisdom, spies & thieves.
  • Roakk........... God of elements: storms, The Slope, volcanoes, tsunami, winter, etc.
  • Glossidik....... Genderless god of Dwarves and other inhuman beings.
  • Skojy............ Goddess of plague, curses from the moon, blood magic and evil.

Overview of the Mythology:

These gods overthrew an older pantheon (the 13 gods of the Lesreadem) due to greater fighting prowess and the treachery of Skojy who in return for betraying them joined this pantheon as their psychopomp. With her great powers and ever growing influence on the realms of the dead, her absorption into their 'family' has not been an entirely easy one. In some ways, Skojy is now more powerful than the others. (Many dark wizards pact with her demonic minions.)

Each of the gods chose 3 powerful holy beings to act as demi-gods. These are not narrow sub-set of the god's aspects. For example, AEstorric is a TERRIBLE manager of that which he has conquered. One of his demi-gods is a long suffering steward who advises him against waste. The exception is skojy, who has 13 arch-demons called the Tests who aid her. Some gods have additional lesser angelic beings to aid them.

There are 3 worlds: the firmament on high where evil elves lurk, the underworld where things of vast beauty, power and madness lurk, and this world. This world is divided into thirds, the sea, the land and the ice. There are supernatural paths linking each of these realms, and heroes and supernatural beings use and fight along these paths in the sagas. In addition there are the heavens and hells for spirits who have passed on. These are numberless, but 12 are featured often in the stories with the quality of the afterlife being based on how you lived your life. Each of the gods has (usually one) heaven (or hell) which they most often visit and to some extent manage. They must deal with Skojy for the souls due them.

The gods fought the chaos if the inchoate world and conquered a place. This became our world and they chose their people who fight the nameless, honourless one who infested this place. The sagas tell of how the fledgling clans took Forgehot and claimed it for their own. In this war, their enemies (who fled to the west) pacted with Glossidik to create The Slope, to make it hard for the true people to chase after them. Roakk works to lessen this magic and occasionally he is ascendent and there is a Pause. If Roakk were to focus all his attention on the problem, The Slope would stop, or even reverse direction.

The land of Forgehot was hard, and Fyvem taught them magics to preserve women in childbirth, to increase the sex drive of her people, and add greatly to their fertility. Thus the true people would ever birth large families.

Gossidik is the being who's job is creating soulless beings and monsters for the heroes to test themselves against. He is a mad god, but it is holy madness and all of the other deities respect him. His work is utterly needed and in his heaven there is an endless number of experiments which the dead heroes can conquer. The best of these may become civilizations or monsters in the real world someday.

And so the story is incomplete. For the true humans have not yet conquered the world. Lots of fighting to be done and if you are successful, your name will be recorded in the god's histories! It is a holy duty (and there is no greater glory) than to kill the false humans and take everything that is theirs.


  • Forgehot

Luvian Pantheon

In the first adventures in Roknar and Chalion, we were told that Darthaca worshipped the Luvian Pantheon. We were also told that Yiss followed the Five but was strongly influenced by the Luvian Pantheon. The Clerics in TFT article mentions a Luvian healing goddess. However, Darthaca mostly worshipped the Five in the areas we visited. So this Pantheon is a bit of a mystery at present, but NPCs have mentioned it


  • Darthaca ?
  • Yiss?

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