Dark Magic

Dark magic is a version of normal magic but it can normally only be cast at night, underground or during eclipses.

Dark magic requires the Dark mage to put one or more attributes into a new Attribute called Dark Potential. (Abbreviated DP.)

However, whereas magicians who Hang Spells or clerics want lots of attributes in their new attributes, most Dark mages only put one or two attributes into DP. That is normally plenty.

DP has a superscript called, Dark fatigue (abbreviated fDP). This can be used instead of regular fST to power Dark spells. It comes back at the rate of 1 point per hour spent in the dark. (You may regain, fST and fDP at the same time.) In addition, fDP can be used to power dark spells in sunlight. By powering a Dark spell exclusively using fDP, spells may be cast in daylight, but their effect is normally halved.

Dark spells tend to be more effective per fST than regular magic. The down side is it only works half the time.

In the spell descriptions below, there is a minimum required DP to cast a spell. So if there is a spell: "M Awesome Blast (min DP 3)", then your DP must be 3 or higher in order to cast this spell.

This spell list is by no means complete. It simply gives a few typical spells that Dark mages may have:

IQ 8

S Find Current Speed (min DP 1 or 3 or 5)
Cast in the ocean this causes a light to appear. This light hovers 3 meters above the water and does not move. As the ship is pulled away by the current the light will rapidly move off. After one minute, the wizard will know the speed of the ship relative to this marker (measured in leagues per day). Further the wizard will know the vector which the ship has moved relative to the marker.
The marker lasts 1 hour and can be maintained for indefinitely at normal cost per hour.
(The DP 3 version is the same but it lasts for 12 hours. The DP 5 version is the same but it lasts for 1 week.)
Cost: 5 fST.

IQ 9
M Clumsy Burst (min DP 1)
This takes the form of a dark ball about 10 cm across shooting from the caster to the target. It does 1d-2 damage / fST put into it. If at least 1 point of damage gets thru the armor of the target, they must make a 4vsST or they are at -5 adj DX for the next 5 turns.
This spell does 0.5 cm of tunneling / damage after the rock's armor.
A maximum of 5 fST can be spent on this spell.
Cost: 1d-2 / fST. Max 5 fST.

T Dark Seeing (min DP 1 or 2)
Subject of the spell can see in total darkness. They can not see thru blurs or see invisible figures.
Lasts 4 days ( week).
The DP 2 version is identical except that the duration is a 40 days (a month ).
Cost 1 fST.

IQ 10
S Missile Shadow (min DP 1)
This spell is a special spell, but it uses Thrown spell range adjustments.
A faint shadow is attached to the subject of the spell, it is barely visible. This shadow will follow the subject around. All missile and thrown item that move thru this shadow are slowed; two points of damage are subtracted from the ultimate damage roll. If a thrown or missile item goes thru several such shadows, the reduction in damage is cumulative.
This spell counts as an enchantment cast on the subject and is subject to the rule of 5. Furthermore if it is the second enchantment the cost is double, the third enchantment the cost is quadrupled, etc. Tho normally cast on living figures, this spell may be cast on inanimate objects. If they are picked up and moved, the shadow will move with them.
This enchantment lasts for 1 day (but fades in sunlight).
Cost 5 fST.

IQ 11
S Intensify Weather (min DP 1)
This spell makes what ever weather there is to 10 to 20% more intense. Sunny days get a bit hotter, rain falls a bit harder, wind blows a bit faster, etc.
The spell effects an area of 500 meters around the caster and remains centered on him or her even if the caster moves.
The main danger to the spell is it can not be turned off or maintained. If you call up more intense weather, that is what you will get for the next hour.
This spell lasts for 1 hour. It may not be maintained or turned off early.
Cost: 4 fST / hour.

IQ 12
M Dark Ball (min DP 1)
This spell causes a flickering, rippling ball of darkness to fly from the caster to the target. When it hits, it does its damage, and casts a type of anti-magic spell on the target's hex.
--- All thrown spells within 2 hexes of the target's hex fail as if they had a Remove Thrown Spells cast on them.
--- Creations in this area, are removed as if a Destroy Creation was cast on them. (This destroys magical obstacles, Images, Illusions and Phantasmals.)
--- Any magic items in the area are stressed. Roll 3d6 for each item and on a 17 the item is weakened some how, on an 18 the item loses an enchantment. (If there are several enchantments on the item, a random one is affected.) If an item is weakened it is up to the GM to determine the effect, but generally the item will become about 20% less useful.
--- Invoked creatures in this area, roll 3d6. (Add 5 to this roll if the spell damaged them.) On a 17 or 18 they are instantly banished back to the place they were evoked from, On a 12 to 16 they must make a 4vsIQ or be banished. On a lower value they are not effected.
Note, that spells cast by other types of magic, may or may not be affected. If they are affected they may be affected normally or some sort of magical backlash may go off. Using this spell against spells cast by other types of magicians may cause unpredictable results.
This spell does 1.0 cm of tunneling / damage after the rock's armor.
Cost: 1d / fST. Max 5 fST.

IQ 13
C Sticky Inferno (min DP 1)
Cast 2 Sticky Inferno obstacle (StInf) counters on a single hex in the creation area. (These will do normal fire hex damage each.) Either remember which fire hexes are sticky infernos or mark them some way. If there are one or more figures in that hex, the sticky inferno obstacles may follow those figures if they try to leave the hex. Any time a figure leaves the hex, roll a die.
If there are 2 or more StInf counters on the figure, on a 1 or 2, no StInf follow the figure out.
If there are 2 or more StInf counters on the figure, on a 3 to 5, one StInf follows that figure.
If there are 2 or more StInf counters on the figure, on a 6, both StInf follow that figure.
If there is 1 StInf on the figure, on a 1 or 2, the StInf will not follow the figure, other wise one Sticky Inferno obstacle follows the figure.
If a figure moves several hexes in a row, roll for each hex that is exited.
These sticky inferno hexes will last for 5 minutes.
Cost: 3 fST.

S Fast Ship (min DP 1)
This will make the underwater surfaces of a ship extremely slippery and smooth. It allows ships to slide thru the water more easily.
Depending on how badly fouled the bottom of the vessel is, this spell can increase speed by 10 to 100% of the whole ship is so enchanted. (For most ship with out badly fouled hulls a typical value is +30% speed.)
The caster does not need to see the area being enchanted. However the wizard must be within 10 meters of that area. A 36 square meter area (the mage can choose the shape) is enchanted for a week.
By tripling the cost of the enchantment, many barnacles and stuff attached to the ship will lose their grip & fall off. This will cause a perminant increase in the ships speed (if the whole ship is so treated) by 1 to 3% or so, until the ship is agained fouled.
Cost: 1 fST.

IQ 14
S Shift Winds (min DP 2)
This spell is cast and all winds blowing by the caster can be twisted, so they come from a slightly different direction. The direction shifts by 5 degrees for every point of DP that the wizard has.
Additionally the wizard can feel that the direction of the wind is changing, 30 seconds before the wind shifts. Thus if the caster is in command of a ship, he can anticipate changes in wind direction just in time to adjust the tiller and make minor adjustments to sail.
This spell lasts for 1 hour. It may be maintained at full cost at the end of this time, to last for another hour.
Cost: 10 fST / hour.

IQ 15
C Summon Night Hound (min DP 1 or 2)
This spell summons a 2 hex, wolf like creature with short rear legs and massive shoulders and jaws. Its fur is deep black and its black eyes give off a faint blue indigo vapor.
ST 22, DX 14, IQ 7, MA 12, Bite 2d+2, Fur stops two hits.
The DP 2 version is larger:
ST 30, DX 14, IQ 7, MA 12, Bite 3d+4, Fur stops four hits.
Anyone who wishes to attack a Night Hound with a melee weapon (or unarmed) at 1 hex range must make a 2vs (Bravery +2). (Verses the DP 2 version of the creature it is a 2vsBv.) Failure to make this save will generate a save verses panic. (See Horror in TFT rules.)
When the creature bites someone, if any damage gets thru amor, the victim loses 4 fST in addition to the damage.
Cost: 1 fST + 1 per turn.

IQ 25
S Waterspout (min DP 4)
This spell may only be cast when there is a severe storm. It cause a waterspout to appear in 10 to 20 minutes within 1 km of the caster at the approximate location he wants. This will generate very intense winds which can move a ship (or destroy enemy ships). These winds will overpower the current winds and thus could save a ship from a lee shore.
The waterspout lasts for 5 minutes then the casting wizard must make a (1d+2)vsIQ. If the roll is made, the waterspout remains and it will move at up to 35 km / hour (840 leagues per day) in the direction that the caster wants. Alternately, the wizard can cause it to slow and dissipate safely.
If the roll is blown by 3 or less, the waterspout will gradually dissipate, over about 1 minute and the spell ends.
If the roll is blown by 4 to 10 roll on the following table. If the wizard survives, he can continue to try to control it again.
Roll 1d6:
1-- It moves in a random direction.
2-- It remains still.
3-- It gets thin and ropey, control rolls happen every 5 minutes. Next control roll is 8vsIQ.
4-- It gains power and halves the distance to wiz. Next control roll is 5vsIQ.
5-- It becomes more stable. It continues but control rolls happen every 15 minutes.
6-- It moves towards the casting wizard.

If the roll is blown by more than 10 or on a critical failure, it splits into (1d+3) smaller waterspouts that move in random directions. After 5 minutes, they will rope out and vanish. Normally the casting wizard's ship will not survive this.
If the casting wizard makes a critical success on a control roll, it will remain under his or her control for an hour, then the control rolls resume at 1 per 15 minutes.
Cost: 100 fST.

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