Luna has the look of a girl who could be attractive if she tried, but she seemed to prefer the wild look. She generally was a bit dirty and unkept, looking like someone who spent most of her life in the woods rather than in society. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes with a small tatoo between them on her forehead and another down her chin. She dresses warmly in furs and wraps, furthering her wild look and wears multiple daggers on her belt.

Her wild appearance does only so much to hide her intelligence. She's clearly observant of others and her environment. She carries a staff with rows of inscriptions which she compares to celestial movements, omens, rune casts and more. She sometimes does what apears to be complex math in dirt, wax or on paper.

She does not have the appearance of a fighter, she's physically small and carries only small weapons for personal defense.


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