A spot for places in the Slope campaign. Currently places are described in an open office document. However, I will be placing maps the players find in here.

Maps of the Eastern Portions of the Slope

Thomas Fulmer's Moste True & Accurate MappeCaptain Johnnen Embrar's Most Detailed & Artistic Mappe

Most maps that show relations between demesnes look like Thomas' Moste True map. Maps that show coastlines normally do not show the relationships between demesnes. Capt. Embrar's map is a rare exception.

Small Scale Map


Oxxten Maps


Darthaca is two distinct populations. The majority of the native peoples are polite, welcoming and very hospitable. They are ruled over by the wild Horse Lords and the slightly more settled Mountain Lords. Apparently a long time ago the Lords arrived and conquered the land. The ones who settled in the mountains, due to circumstances, settled down a bit. The ones on the plains continued riding about and abusing people to get what they wanted.

The party toured a big waterfall here. They also went into the Temple of the mad god, a seemingly ancient, Elvish construction with complex logic puzzles and booby traps.

In Darthaca, we visited Vanrorhemm (a small town), and Nororich (the major Darthacan port).


Roknar is seemingly the bad boys on the block. We landed at the town of Neeki, and were not impressed by their rulers. They are frequently at war with Chalion and took advantage of Brajar's pirate troubles to raid and pillage their lands as well. They fight their neighbors on religious grounds as they believe there are only four gods and the fifth (The Bastard) is a demon. Locals informed us that the Roknari were descendents of Forgehot raiders who stayed to settle down instead of returning to Forgehot.


Chalion was a reasonably open and polite land. They were in frequent wars with Roknar. They seemingly were more prosperous in the past, but the current leadership was inept and the country was beginning to suffer for it. They worshipped the Quintarian gods.

We visited several hamlets or small towns. These included Jinjar, Brenn, Svenunderkwm, and Caskjotom.


Brajar is a land which is part of the Quintarian faith, worshipping the five gods. During a period when they were plagued by pirates from Forgehot, the Roknari came under the pretext of helping to keep away the pirates and actually occupied a major coastal port and began looting it.

The party arrived in port (Trynnec in Old Brajar) by running the pirate blockade to delivery supplies, which it believed were for a defensive mission and not a raiding mission. The ship then began taking aboard stolen loot. The party went inland to a mountain village (Nighencrag)which was known for making quality blades. While there, we discovered a clock which supposedly could foretell bad times for the Brajarans. The clock was being sabotaged, was fixed, but then was probably sabotaged again after our departure.

The locals have started a resistance against the Roknari and have sent envoys to Darthaca which the Slope Runner dropped off.

Last Hope

Last Hope is a small island where the campaign began. It is called Last Hope because it is the furthest known point down slope where a ship could safely land before being swept away to certain death. There are native inhabitants of Last Hope who are sort of savages of sorts, then there are the inhabitants swept down Slope or born as descendants of those swept down slope. The down slopers were the side the party originated from. They were mostly Earwinshawail worshippers and were perpetually short on food and such. The party along with others left during a pause to spread the religion, but mostly to get rid of people the leadership didn't want to feed anymore.

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