13) If the characters came up the ladder they come through a trap door in the floor of a kitchen in a tavern (you create what the tavern looks like size-wise/description) The first character that enters the kitchen rolls a die, and if the roll was a 6 the party is attacked by the occupants of the tavern. The next character that goes through on a roll of a 5-6 they are attacked. The third character on a 4-6 and so on until the six turn where the party is discovered and attacked by the tavern toughs. The fight starts with the characters facing two fighters (possibly bouncers)

BOUNCERS (2) ST 11 DX 13 IQ 8 MA 10 Both wear cloth armor (1h.s.) and carry maces (2-1d)

After three rounds the bar owner, Karugy ThreeFingers, and four toughs enter the room to join the combat.

KARUGY THREE FINGERS ST 16 DX 12 IQ 10 MA 8 adjDX 10 Has warrior and veteran talents and wears +1 fine leather armor (h.s. 5) and he also carries a +1 dmg. magic broadsword (2+1)

TOUGHS (4) ST 10 DX 10 IQ 8 MA 10 Each carries a club and does 1-1 damage

When they are beat up the party can either leave the tavern and enter the city or they can go back to 11 (after they go through 12 of course).

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