6) As the party moves down the tunnel have the point member(s) make a 3dIQ roll. If this roll is not made those members get stuck in a giant spider web. This web stretches across the sewer and is 9 hexes deep down the tunnel. The party is then attacked by a giant spider (different than TFT:ITL stats).

GIANT SPIDER ST 24 DX 10 IQ 1 MA 12 Armor 2 bites for 1-1 any bite that penetrates does a further dice in damage for poison.

A turn after the giant spider attacks, the spiders young attack the party. Treat as the nuisance spiders. There is one group of five spiders for for each member of the party. Remember when the party fights the spiders (either giant or nuisance) that the tunnel is 7 hexes wide and down the center (3 hexes) runs a three foot deep channel filled with water (water fighting rules). When fighting the spiders don't forget about the spider web and the rules pertaining to it and getting stuck. The web is ST 20 and needs to be cut through to continue down the tunnel or get stuck.

You can continue through the web down the tunnel (east), or turn back.

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