This page is intended as a definition of 1 point of Dexterity as precisely as possible within the TFT rules set.

some formulas;

d = # of dice rolled for check

average roll = d * 3.5

minimum roll = d

maximum roll = d * 6

maximum roll = critical fail

d = critical success

(d * 3) - 4 = automatic success range

(d * 4) + 4 = automatic fail range

(d * 6) - (d - 1) = total # of possible rolls

100/(d * 6) - (d - 1) = %chance of throwing critical roll

based off the above it can be shown that a beginning char. @ 8/8/8 & 8 can BEGIN the game able to succeed at a 5d check almost 50% of the time.

I realize that all stats make checks but Dex is dominant in melee and we gotta do dice anyway so I'll put it here for now.

Also this is the stat that I personally have the most difficulty sinking my teeth into so to speak. I've seen this work out there done MUCH better but I can't recall where. (though typing this I may have just remembered...) As soon as I find it I'll replace my stuff. Consider this a place holder.

- Jay Carlisle

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