This page is intended as a definition of 1 point of Strength as precisely as possible within the TFT rules set.

For Example.


For STR 1 this works as follows;

> STR = 1kgno penalty
> x2 STR = 2kgno swim
> x3 STR = 3kg8MA
> x4 STR = 4kg6MA -1DX
> x5 STR = 5kg4MA -2DX
carry = 7kg 
lift = 10kg 
shift = 25kg 

I notice that if
> x6 STR = 6kg 2MA -3DX
then it seems reasonable to say
> x7 STR = 7kg = carry 0MA
which should not imply no movement but rather
TFT ITL pg. 35 WEIGHT CARRIED "A figure may not carry more than 5 times his ST and travel normally. "

This may help with data incongruities like a figure with running, moving at top speed, should be able to cover between 35 to 40 hexes in 5 seconds or 7ish hexes per second. (Donovan Bailey 50m 5.56sec so I call it 10m per second and divide by 1.3 ja?)

Regardless this table show a relationship between Str Dex and MA

- Jay Carlisle

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