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Places in Cidri
Gargoyle Mountains: Settled in some parts, wild and dangerous in others, inhabitants include isolated tribes of neanderthals as well as, naturally, gargoyles and trolls. Gryphon eyries attract intrepid (or greedy) adventurers.
Gargoyle Mountains Encounter Table
3: a large roc
4: a small roc
5: 1d3 giant eagles
6: 2 wild gryphons
7: dwarven mining crew *
8: 1d3 wyverns
9: 2d6+1 cavewights
10: dwarven patrol *
11: 1d6 trolls
12: a band of gargoyles *
13: a band of neanderthals *
14: a hungry cave bear
15: 1d6 cyclopes
16: a monstrous nightgaunt (roll 3 dice + 6 for ST, 3 dice for DX, 3 dice for IQ)
17: 1d2 7-hex red dragons
18: a 14-hex red dragon
* a dwarven mining crew comprises 2d6+2 miners (ST 11 DX 13(11) IQ 8 weapons: mining picks (1+3) and small axes (1+3) for throwing, wearing cloth armour with large shields(1/3).Talents: thrown weapons,running) and Bedrock, their foreman/spokesman (ST 12 DX 15(12) IQ 10 weapon fine (+1 DX) military pick (2+1),wears leather & large shield (2/4) also has $400 rough cut diamond & an invisibility potion (up to $4000 if cut finely)Talents: recognize value, business sense, charisma, new followers) & his bodyguard Boswell, a 6' 4'' human who was raised as a dwarf and is intensely loyal to them (ST 16 DX 9 IQ 9 has a BIG sword (3+1), loincloth (2-warrior & veteran) Talent: alertness). Depending on a reaction roll, many outcomes may be possible. The crew may feel like resorting to a little banditry to boost their incomes or bartering with intent to rip off (Bedrock has some Fool's Gold which he can attempt to pass off as a nugget or two. A 5/IQ roll will see through this, 4/IQ for a dwarf or someone with recognize value, 3/IQ for alchemist or goldsmith. His excuse for trading is to divide them up between his group who he says re going separate ways) if a bad reaction roll is made. A good reaction roll may mean more honest bartering; the group also has 4 $300 nuggets. Any fighting that fares badly will see Bedrock fleeing by using his potion. If this happens, the adventurers will have made an implacable enemy who may form a band to track them down for revenge.

* a dwarven patrol consists of 2d6+2 doughty warriors (ST 11 DX 13(10) IQ 8 wielding maces (2) & small throwing axes(1+3), wearing leather & large shields (2/4) Talents: thrown weapons, running), a dwarf wizard (ST 10 DX 13(12) IQ 12 wielding staff (1), wearing cloth armour & small shield(1/2) Spells: freeze, mage sight, break weapon, rope, sleep, summon bear, staff to snake, analyze magic/ literacy, human, shield) & dwarven commander (ST 13 DX 15 (11/14) IQ 10 wielding a flail(2+2) & light crossbow (2), wearing chainmail & large shield (3/5) Talents: missile weapons, tracking, alertness)
*a band of gargoyles will contain 1d6+1 of them. There is a 2 in 6 chance of one being a wizard(ST 16 DX 11 IQ 10 Spells: trip, far vision, detect enemies, drop weapon, avert, magic fist / literacy, human, thrown weapons).
*a band of neanderthals consists of 1d6+3 braves (ST 16 DX 10 IQ 7 wielding clubs (1+3) or flint knives to use in HTH combat (1+3), wearing skins(1)) & their leader (ST 18 DX 10 IQ 9 wielding a great maul (1+5) and a flint knife (1+4 in HTH), wearing heavy hides(4) Talents: alertness, warrior, veteran, tracking (inherent)
There is a 2 in 6 chance this encounter will also include a neanderthal shaman (ST 16 DX 10 IQ 8) dressed in bizarre skins with a mammoth skull as headdress. He maintains actual contact with the Spirit World, and his deity has granted him one spell-like power summon bear.

Newdelve: Established after Rubydelve became a battleground, Newdelve is primarily a dwarvish city with a moderate number of gnomes and a few gargoyles. Vigorous enforcement of law and order here make it a safe place; rules include no knock keys, no gate-locks, no casting missile spells in public.
Wizards' Guild
This small but dynamic chapter is led by Zachodnia (ST 12 DX 14 IQ 20 Spells: summon giant badger, summon demon
Zachodnia is always accompanied by his apprentice/bodyguard Quartz, a gargoyle (ST 16 DX 13 IQ 12 Spells: aid, drop weapon, trip, sleep), fanatically loyal after Zachodnia found arcane ways of raising his IQ.

Duchy of Dran: A duchy led by Duke Severin (Dran XII) and nominally loyal to the King of Elyntia. He is a lover of magic and technology
Duchy of Dran Encounter Table (rougher areas add 4)
2- 1d6+1 compsagnathi
3- a merchant caravan *
4- 1d6 giant bombardier beetles (hungry)
5- dwarvish mobile smithy *
6- 1d6 rural folk *
7- a Dran patrol *
8- a band of robbers *
9- local militia *
10- a giant weasel
11- a pack of wolves: roll 3 dice
12- a band of rowdy orcs*
13- 1d6+1 fanged bounders
14- 1d3 wandering cyclopes, looking for human females
15- a werewolf (attribute total 40) in human form
16- a 7-hex dragon

*A merchant caravan guarded by 4 centaurs (ST 15 DX 11(10) IQ 8 MA 24 wielding pikeaxes (2+2) & heavy crossbows (3), wearing cloth barding (1) Talents: human, elf), owned by the merchant Odrik, a human (ST 8 DX 13 (11) IQ 12 wields galvorn dagger (1+2), wears +1 HS/A leather (3) & blur ring. Talents: assess value, detect lies, business sense, charisma, literacy, centaur, dwarf) & his 2 sons; Odrik jr. a wizard (ST 10 DX 11(10/13) IQ 12; wields staff (1), wears fine cloth(2) Spells: fireball, sleep, analyze magic, mage sight, repair/ literacy, missile weapons) & Rurik, a burly warrior (ST 14 DX 11(9/12) IQ 9 wields bastard sword( 3-2) or longbow(1+2), wears leather, warrior (3) Talents: missile weapons, horsemanship), riding a riding horse(ST 22 DX 12 IQ 5 MA 24 1+1 damage)
The caravan carries $(1d6 x100), (1d6-3) lesser magical items, (1d6-5) greater magical items, and $(1d6 x 1000) worth of merchandise.

*A dwarvish mobile smithy will comprise some dwarves travelling from town to town to sell and make weapons:
Leader (ST 16 DX 13 (11) IQ 12 Wears mithril chainmail (4 hits stopped,-2 DX only) and wields a fine (+1 dam) battleaxe (3+2) Talents: master armourer, warrior, veteran, tactics, analyze magic, old dwarvish,human)
Bobby, the Goldsmith (ST 14 DX 12(11) IQ 11 wears galvorn chainmail (5 hits stopped!) and wields a great hammer(2+3) which has +2 DX bonus & amazing gold inlay- it's worth LOTS $5000, but is easily recognizable..... Talents: armourer, goldsmith, warrior, animal handler)
1d3+1 apprentices (ST 11 DX 11(9/11) IQ 10 wearing cloth & large shields (1/3) & wielding hammers (1+2) talents: thrown weapons, armourer, recognize value)
Bobby's big doggy (ST 10 DX 14 IQ 7 MA 14 dam 1+2 HS/A 2 (spiky collar) tracking)
They may have fine weapons to sell (roll 1d6-3; <1=0); roll 2d6+4 to determine which ST table to roll on.

*a band of robbers intent on robbing people: bandit leader-half-orc (ST 11 DX 15 (18) IQ 11 wields 2H spear(1+1) or longbow(1+2),twice a turn; wears fine cloth armour(no DX-) barkskin belt (2), has $30 Talents:tracking, missile weapons, charisma) 1d3+3 human or orc thugs (ST 11 DX 13(11) IQ 8 wearing leather & small shield(2/3 ) wielding small axes (1+2) Talent:thrown weapon, running) and one of the following:
1- orc warrior (ST 13 DX 12 (9) IQ 8 wields morningstar (2+1), wears leather & large shield (2/4) Talents: running, human)
2- half-elf wizard (ST 9 DX 12(10/13) IQ 12 wears leather(2),wields staff(1) Spells: fireball, sleep, rope, reverse missiles, silent movement/ missile weapons)
3- pet great ape (ST 20 DX 12 IQ 7 ; 1+4 in HTH)

*- local militia; a low reaction roll means they are very paranoid and looking for villains, maybe even attacking the party on sight ( "furreigners!"). If the party fight them they may have some very serious explaining to do to local authorities. 1d6+7 villagers (ST 11 DX 12(11) IQ 9 weapons: scythes (1+1) or machetes (2-2), wearing cloth(1)). If fighting, they fight as a disorganized rabble, fleeing if 2 or more are slain.

*A band of rowdy orcs have wandered in from the orcish settlements from the south looking for treasure and combat. They'll attack anything, unless paid off or they have ulterior motives... There will be 1d6+1 base thugs (ST 10 DX 14(11) IQ 8 weapons cutlasses(2-2) wearing leather + large shield(2/4) ,1d3-1 mean dudes (ST 14 DX 14(11) IQ 8 weapons great hammers(2+2) & longbows(1+2) wearing chainmail(3) and a leader (ST 13 DX 17(13/18) IQ 11 weapon morningstar(2+1) & longbow(1+2) x2/rd, wearing leather + tower shield (2/5) skills: tactics, monster followers, tracking, missile weapons, human)
There is a 4 in 6 chance this resourceful leader will have found a mascot from the following:
1: troll (ST 30 DX 10 IQ 8 MA 8 Dam 2 dice Armour 1 pt skin , heals 1 pt/turn except from fire)
2: cyclops (ST 24 DX 12 IQ 7 MA 10 Dam 1+6 (club) Armour, 1 pt skin- 2/IQ to disbelieve illusions)
3: ettin (ST 30 DX 9 IQ 6 MA 10 Dam 1+6 & 1+4 (2 clubs) Armour , leather (2))

Dranning: A lively city with a population of 15,000 or so souls, 75% human with elvish and dwarvish quarters. Due to the presence of significant numbers of their enemies, orcs and goblins are scarce here .
Wizards' Guild
The nonhumans are attracted by the flourishing Senior Chapter of the Wizards' Guild, led by one Ayrkana the White. She is a half-elvish wizard with the modified telepathy spell, usable to enable forgetting of talents and spells. This has proven immensely popular, bringing in much money to the guild and duchy (Duke Severin had a personal hand in hiring Ayrkana).
Ayrkana (ST 11 DX 15 IQ 20 Spells: forget, wizard's wrath, analyze magic, control person, dissolve enchantment, geas Magic Items: 10 pt ST battery,
Ayrkana is currently negotiating with the Newdelve Dwarvish Wizards' Guild to procure summon giant badger from her rival, the dwarvish guildmaster Zachodnia.
Anyone bringing a greater magic item for analysis to the guild in Dranning has a 3 in 6 chance of attracting Ayrkana's attention. She may hold the item for safekeeping until the adventurers do a favour for her, by Geas or promise.
Mechanicians' Guild
Much fewer in number than wizards, the mechanicians hold their own through ownership of some really awesome technological devices (or are they just well placed rumours....) and the dynamic leadership of Grand Master Khytril (ST 12 DX 13(12/15) IQ 16 has ionizing pistol/missile weapons(3 dice damage, fires once per round, reload after 6 shots) ,wears fine mesh armour (HS/A 6, -2 DX )Talents: master mechanician, diplomacy, detect & remove traps, gnome, literacy, charisma). The guild is mainly human, with a few gnomes. Khytril has also engineered a loose alliance with the Dranning Thieves' Guild, to the consternation of the wizards.
The principal population centre of elves in the Duchy, with probably some 1,500 scattered within its borders. Elves here generally live here to get away from other races and not too friendly with outsiders (-1 reaction). Anyone entering the forest will be expected to pay a $50 entry fee per person once only, for which they get a silver pendant which they can show as proof of payment for future encounters. Centaurs and other elves are exempt from this tariff
Elfwood Encounter Table
1: a giant badger
2: 2 hungry bears (black)
3: 1d3 centaurs (2 in 6 they are drunk & surly; -1 on reaction)
4: 1d6 al-mi'raj
5-6: elf patrol *
An elf patrol will consist of 1d6+3 warriors ( ST 11 DX 13(11) IQ 8 weapons longbows(1+2) and spears(1+1), wearing leather armour (2 hits stopped), MA 10), 2 apprentice wizards (ST 9 DX 13(11) IQ 12 weapons staves(1) wearing leather armour(2),MA 10 spells: fireball, sleep, mage sight, rope, illusion, summon bear, aid, detect enemies ), a leader (ST 12 DX 15(12) IQ 11 weapon broadsword(2) wearing mithril chain + large shield(4/6), MA 10 skills: tactics, acute hearing, ) and his lieutenant (ST 9 DX 14(12) IQ 14 wearing leather(2) wielding staff(1) spells: lightning, remove thrown spell, spell shield, explosive gem, telepathy talent:thrown weapon has:3 2 dice explosive gems and a 4 dice explosive gem). They will supply silver pendants after asking travellers to cough up $50 each. Nonpayment invites attack or very least escort to the forest's borders.
This village of about 500 souls is about a third human, elven and half-elven. The Elfwood elves have ideological problems about having such close contact with humans and generally avoid the place. However, this village happens to be Ayrkana the White's home town and she is rigorously encouraging settlement here, to the extent of setting up a small subchapter of the guild here, led by her cousin Bombala the Brown, called a wizard by her friends and witch by her enemies. All agree she is an alchemist of great ability. Bombala has a laboratory and book containing recipes for the following potions, any of which may be available at her shop subject to availability: acute hearing, healing, universal antidote, youth and speed. Bombala (ST 9 DX 13 IQ 17, wears +2 DX leather(2) & wields staff (1), Talents/Spells: alchemy, ) will be very interested in new recipes and adventurers bringing her ingredients.
This small orcish town's citizens are more law abiding than most. People say the orcs here have learnt to keep their word as they have many goblin residents serving as role models. A group of goblin merchants and their families from Canigli came here years ago and have a thriving trade, capitalizing on Terrik's position on several trade routes. This is a good town to come to buy & sell anything. Due to the apparent wealth of the inhabitants, many burglars over the years have tried their luck in this town, generally with little success.
Terrik's most notable feature is a large inn, The Goblin Market (named after the weekly event in the village square), run by Calabrio the Crimson-a goblin wizard of some repute (ST 8 DX 14 IQ 18 weapon-mithril(+1 DX +2 DAM) dagger(1+1), wears cloth armour & barkskin ring (3), has a giant rope rope. Spells/Talents: sleep, wizard's wrath, megahex freeze, analyze magic, lock/knock, reveal/conceal, mage sight, drop weapon, persuasiveness, detect enemies/recognize value, assess value, human, orc). There are 2 bugbears here who serve as the inn's bouncers; Humphrey & Rupert (ST 14 DX 14 IQ 9 Humphrey wields a 2H sword(3-1) & Rupert a great hammer(2+2), wear leather/warrior (3) Talents: running, alertness, silent movement(innate)) . It is a fairly safe place to stay. Calabrio keeps most of his money safe with his family in Canigli, but does have a lucrative bedroom; the ST 40 door is protected by 3 lock spells (6 dice to open) as is the window, which is reinforced with bars (ST 30). Inside are a comfy bed and wardrobe, the door of which has 2 lock spells. On the inside of the wardrobe door is a delicate crystal statuette of a humanoid creature, actually a bound lesser demon which will attack interlopers for 12 turns before leaving if broken. Inside the wardrobe are Calabrio's clothes and a locked chest containing 1000 GP, $800, a $5000 diamond and a lens of translation (old dwarvish, human, goblin, elven)
Also in Terrik are the Goblin Bank, and 2 merchant shops. One, run by Vincenzo, is fairly honest, the other, by Basil Long-Ears, is quite unscrupulous.
The bank also serves as a moneylender (at a rate of 1% a week). The building is sturdy, but its safety lies in the fact that there is a gate in the cellar to the main branch of the Goblin Bank in Canigli (where all the cash is).The gate is controlled- only employees allowed through.
An old village built on extensive, half buried stone ruins populated by humans, with some gnomes and dwarves who liked the stonework. The mayor is the popular and garrulous Lindra , a witch of some repute. She makes it her business to know everything in the village, trying to keep everyone as friendly and happy as possible. There is an old graveyard which is rumoured to be haunted.
A small town with lots of orcs, this place is dangerous; a bad reaction means a fight. The orcs originally settled here, hired as mercenaries by Melglos Mystwielder, a great-uncle of Duke Severin. His grandson, Ruven the Red, also a great wizard, lives in an estate outside Dill and keeps the orcs under control at the behest of Duke Severin.. There is much enmity between Ruven and Ayrkana, but the duke protects him and has allowed him to run a small rogue wizards' guild of sorts for the orc wizards. Ruven is not especially malevolent or ambitious - he'd just like to be left alone. One reason why orcish wizards are rare is that the guild in Dranning has eliminated most of them.
The "mayor" of Dill is Gorki the Chief, a huge orc ruffian:

The main watering hole in town is the One-eyed Lion, a real den of iniquity where the unwary may run into real trouble.
Sample Orcish Ruffians
1- a band of feisty grunts*
2- Jesper the Wizard & his bodyguards*
3- Big Bruno, a surly giant, & his dog Gnasher*
4- Han-the-Lightfingered & his gang*
5- Kanadar the Wizard(ly Thief)*

*a band of feisty grunts comprises 1d6+2 grunts (ST 11 DX 13(11) IQ 8 weapons shortswords(2-1) and throwing daggers(1-1), wearing leather armour and small shields(2/3)) thrown weapons, running
These guys have a fairly low morale and will flee if any 2 of them take more than half damage or one is killed.

*Jesper (ST 11 DX 14(13) IQ 13 weapon (wizardly) quarterstaff (1+2), boomerang (2) wears cloth armour(1) Spells: control person, curse, break weapon, freeze, invisibility / thrown weapons, literacy, human) & the "twins" (both ST 13 DX 13(10) IQ 8 weapons: morningstars(2+1), wearing leather & large shield(2/4)). Jesper also has a pet great ape (ST 20 DX 12 IQ 7 damage:1+4 (HTH)), who gets to eat the corpses.

*Big Bruno (ST 25 DX 9 IQ 7 weapon great axe (3 dice), wearing chainmail & tower shield (3/6)) & Gnasher, a wolfhound (ST 11 DX 14 IQ 6 MA 14 1+1 damage bite, 1 pt fur)

*Han-The-Lightfingered, a orcish thief (ST 8 DX 14 IQ 14 weapon dagger(1-1), wearing a barkskin ring(2) Talents: thief, alertness, silent movement, recognize value, spy, assess value, thrown weapons) & his gang of grunts (ST 9 DX 13(11) IQ 10 weapons rapiers(1), wearing leather armour & small shields (2/3) Talents: silent movement, thief, running). Han is a poor fighter; don't forget he is a spy when evading pursuit.

*Kanadar is a half-orc wizard whose light fingers earnt him too many enemies in Dranning before coming here to Ruven's guild. He takes strongly after his human father (Orcs will recognize him as a half-orc on 3/IQ), but secretly bears a grudge against all humans. Kanadar is friendly enough, and may join a party, but only to steal from them: (ST 9 DX 12 IQ 12 weapon staff(1), wears no armour. Talents/Spells: thief, literacy/ silent movement, sleep, illusion, invisibility, staff, lock/knock, reveal/conceal)

Near Dill: Chief Snord and Snord's Lords
Chief Snord and his goblin clan live along the Bright River, in the northern Huldre forest.

He currently has 2 lords under him and they harass passers by on the Bright River. Each of the 2 lords under him have patrols of 8 goblin warriors. Currently their spoils are getting thinner. They accept orcs as mercenaries.

They have a treaty going with the human village of Bendwyn, and the village of Dill. The treaty basically says that they are to STAY away, and they won't be bothered. Goblins aren't all that well know for long-windedness, so they tend to keep their treaties short.

They had a river troll with them for a while, but he ate 2 of the Snord's scouts. That pretty much ended that budding relationship.

Occasionally, they work with a human/orcish wizard named Stump, who is currently out on an adventure to harass the players, and another wizard named Soliari.

Chief Snord
St:12 (overfed as a child)
DX:14 (Adj. Dx:12/15) (had a wish fulfilled)
IQ:11 (goblin brilliance)
Armor: fine Leather & small shield (4/5)
Weapon: Fine broadsword 2+1
Weapon: Lt CrossBow and cranequin 2+1
Talents: Warrior, Tactics, Missile Weapons, Sword, Running (away), Alertness, Shield
Treasure: 3 heal potions (1 hit each), fine broadswords, $5d6, 1 in 6 chance
of 1d6 gold

Snord's Lord Humbat
DX:12 (11)
Armor: cloth & small shield (1/2)
Weapon: spear 1, 1+1 2handed
Weapon: horse bow 1+1
Talents: spear, shield, bow, alertness, Running
Treasure: Hand Carved Bone handle silver dagger, $3d6

Snord's Lord Bahgwind
DX:12 (11)
Armor: cloth & sm shield (1/2)
Weapon:spear 1, 1+1 2handed, charge does double damage
Weapon:cutlass 2-2
Talents: spear, shield, driver, animal handler
Treasure: $3d6, 2 doses of blade/spear poison: 1+1 damage. 1 full
adventurers pack( with human sized fine clothing etc)

Snord's Scouts:
DX:10 (12)
Armor: none
Shield: sm shield Taking Hits:-1
Weapon:2 hammers, one on belt. 1+1
Weapon: sling with a dozen bullets 1-2
Talents: thrown weapons, axe/mace, sling, running
Treasure:$1d6 each. 1 in 6 chance molatov

"Stump" the Wizard. Mother human, father orc. Currently out chasing Soliari
the wizard to his grave.
DX:10 (9/11)
Armor: cloth (1)
Weap: Qstaff with staff spell
Weap:Daggers: 2 silver, 6 bronze
Talents: Thrown weapons, literacy
Treasure:$3d6, 2 St Battery gem, 2 sleep scrolls, Spell book: (*)means
memorized: Staff, (*)knock, (*)sleep, darkness, (*)Dazzle, Dark vision,
(*)avert, (*)Summon wolf, (*)1 hex fire, Light, (*)magic fist

Huldre Forest
A dark and forbidding place these days, home to all manner of beasties. Some elves and gnomes still remain, but a generation ago the infamous green dragon Viridian claimed most of the forest for himself and his kobolds.
Huldre Forest Encounter Table
2- a 7 hex green dragon
3- a 4 hex green dragon
4- elvish commando raiding party *
5- band of rowdy orcs *
6- hungry palug cats (2d6-1)
7- kobold patrol *
8- a swarm of stirges (2d6+2)
9- giant spiders (1d6+1)
10- gnome adventurers *
11- wolves (3d6-1)
12- deinonychi (1d6)

*An elvish commando party will contain 1d6+3 warriors ( ST 11 DX 13(11) IQ 8 weapons longbows(1+2) and spears(1+1), wearing leather armour (2 hits stopped), MA 10), 2 apprentice wizards (ST 9 DX 13(11) IQ 12 weapons staves(1) wearing leather armour(2),MA 10 spells: fireball, blast, mage sight, rope, illusion, summon bear, sleep, detect enemies ), a leader (ST 12 DX 15(12) IQ 11 weapon broadsword(2) wearing leather + large shield(2/4), MA 10 skills: tactics, acute hearing, ) and his pet, a great wolfhound(ST 10 DX 14 IQ 6 Damage 1+1 MA 14 1 pt fur)
They will attack any orcs, goblins or reptiles they see before asking questions as they are primed for combat and on an adrenaline high.

*A band of rowdy orcs have wandered in from the orcish settlements from the west looking for treasure and combat. They'll attack anything, unless paid off or they have ulterior motives... There will be 1d6+1 base thugs (ST 11 DX 13(11) IQ 8 weapons small axes(1+3) wearing leather + small shield(2/3) ,1d3-1 mean dudes (ST 14 DX 14(11) IQ 8 weapons great hammers(2+2) & longbows(1+2) wearing chainmail(3) and a leader (ST 13 DX 17(13/18) IQ 11 weapon morningstar(2+1) & longbow(1+2) x2/rd, wearing leather + tower shield (2/5) skills: tactics, monster followers, tracking, missile weapons, human)
There is a 4 in 6 chance this resourceful leader will have found a mascot from the following:
1: troll (ST 30 DX 10 IQ 8 MA 8 Dam 2 dice Armour 1 pt skin , heals 1 pt/turn except from fire)
2: minotaur (ST 25 DX 12 IQ 7 MA 10 Dam 3 dice (battleaxe) Armour 1/3 (large shield), has acute hearing, dark vision, tracking)
3: ettin (ST 30 DX 9 IQ 6 MA 10 Dam 1+6 & 1+4 (2 clubs) Armour , leather (2))
4: a loathely slig (ST 18 DX 12 IQ 10 MA 10 Dam 3 (great axe) or 3 (heavy crossbow) Armour 3 pt skin + resists fire (-1 per die of damage),skills thrown weapons, alertness, set traps, can spit for 1-1 (-4 DX to hit eyes). There is a 3 in 6 chance the party will blunder into a pit trap set by this creature: 4/IQ to see, 4/DX to avoid falling in, 4/ST to hold onto the edge. Falling does 2-2 damage.
5:harpy (ST 13 DX 13 IQ 8 MA 6/12 Dam 2+1 (morningstar) Armour 1 pt feathers; skill: touch as control person - combat precludes singing)
6: cyclops (ST 24 DX 12 IQ 7 MA 10 Dam 1+6 (club) Armour, 1 pt skin- 2/IQ to disbelieve illusions)

*a kobold patrol, which contains 1d6+2 base troops (ST 6 DX 13(11) IQ 7 wearing leather + small shield (2/3),weapons dagger(1-1) & sling(1-2) ), 1d6-2 elite troops ( ST 7 DX 11/14 IQ 9 wearing small shield(0/1) weapons sling(1-2) & dagger(1-1),skills: missile weapon, running), 1d3 hurlers (ST 6 DX 12(11/13) IQ 8 wearing cloth armour + small shield(1/2) weapons 2 molotails each(4 pts, 2 pt splash), daggers (1-1) skills:thrown weapon, running), 1 leader (ST 10 DX 13(11) IQ 10 wearing leather armour(2) weapon naginata(1+2) & horsebow (1 dice) skills: naginata, horsemanship, missile weapons) riding a riding lizard ( ST 20 DX 13 IQ 5 MA 20 bites for 2-1, 2 pt armour) and some 'pets':
1: 1d6 compsagnathi (ST 5 DX 10 IQ 3 MA 10 Damage 1-1 in reg. or HTH combat Armour 2 pt skin)
2: 1d3+1 velociraptors (ST 8 DX 15 IQ 5 MA 16 Dam 1 die (fencing) Armour 0)
3: 1d3 giant weasels(ST 13 DX 13 IQ 5 MA 14 Dam 1+1 then blood drain for 1 die/rd,1 pt fur)

*a band of gnome adventurers out for blood and revenge. There will be 1d6+3 warrior types (ST 9 DX 14(11/17) IQ 8 MA 8 wearing leather & large shields(2/4) wielding javelins & spear throwers (1-1;1+1 thrown) talents: thrown weapons NB: one has a 3-dice explosive gem), 1d3 wizards (ST 8 DX 12(11) IQ 11 MA 10 wielding staves(1 die) wearing cloth armour spells: summon bear, aid, control animal, sleep, trip, magic fisttalent: thrown weapons) and a leader (ST 11 DX 15(11/14) IQ 11 MA 8 wearing chain & large shield (3/5) wielding fine shortsword (2 dice)& longbow (1+2) talents: missile weapons, tactics, acute hearing, runninghas: summon giant badger gem)

A ramshackle town/port with a notorious reputation for piracy, Podliforku has little in the way of local government apart from a local Mafia-type Thieves' Guild which employs most of the pirates. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of money and black market goods in this town, which attracts merchants and dwarves from all around. However no merchant admits to dealing with folk in this city.
Podliforku Encounter Table
3:a band of dwarves*
6:a pack of rats
7:a band of thieves*
8:press gang*
9:merchant & bodyguards*
10:vengeful ghost* (night only)
11:a band of righteous warriors*

Thargi Swamp
A noxious place, home to many fell creatures, the Thargi Swamp unfortunately straddles the Trassy and Lesser Trassy Rivers, which serve as vital arteries of trade for the Duchies of Dran and Bolors. Numerous reptilian and invertebrate vermin make the swamp dangerous.
The Fort: Thus Dran has built a fort on the Lesser Trassy, known simply as "Fort Quag", reflecting the muddy conditions there. The Duchy is continually trying to find personnel to man it as conditions are so bad and monsters dangerous. At any one time there will be 4d6+16 32-35 pt human heroes here plus the Fort Commander, Selvados, a human martial wizard and cousin to the duke (ST 12 DX 15(14) IQ 16 weapon Staff of Power (2), wears stone flesh necklace & Cloth armour(5). Has a 5 pt Strength Battery and 4 2 dice exploding gems. Spells: megahex sleep, long distance telepathy, staff of power, lightning, giant rope, hammertouch, explosive gem, summon bear, sleep, detect enemies, slow movement / literacy, charisma, tactics) and his lieutenant, Talgar the Woodsman (ST 13 DX 14(12) IQ 11 weapon bastard sword (2+1 or 3-2) or longbow (1+2), wears leather armour(2).Talents: naturalist, woodsman, animal handling, alertness, tracking).Talgar also has a trained War Dog (ST 10 DX 14 IQ 6 bite(1+1),1 pt fur), which will attack any who attack his master. Selvados and Talgar are both loyal to Dran, though there is a spy in the camp for the Duchy of Bolors, one Bakarat the Bold-human mercenary (ST 11 DX 14(12) IQ 10 weapon spear(1 or 1+1) & boomerang(2), wears leather armour(2) Talents: thrown weapons, horsemanship, engineer). Bakarat tends the fort's ballistas, of which there are 4.
Thargi Swamp Encounter Table
2: apep / 3-hex goo
3: 7 hex giant turtle
4: 4 hex snapping turtle
5: 1d3 crocodiles
6: 1d3 giant wasps (yes, it's breeding season....)
7: 1d6 giant bulldog ants hunting for food
8: 1d6+3 stirges
9:1d3+1 harpies
10: 1 4-hex black dragon
11: uncle teeth
12: 1d3 will-o-wisps

This fair-sized town is a picture of law and order; clean well-kept streets and orderly citizens. It is generally a safe place to be, though the hobgoblin quarter can be rowdy, as can Bugbear Heights.
meanwhile, far off to the west lies Ardonirane...
Testimony 1 (Rick Smith)
Our distinguished editor has called for us to write solo adventures set in the world of Death Test. Metagaming published 3 adventures about the Thorsz: Death Test 1 & 2, and Orb Quest. Now it is easy enough to write more adventures but there is a basic difficulty in producing adventures useful to our fellow readers. How can we make an adventure that will fit in to the game worlds of all the other readers when virtually every TFT game world that is in existence has its own city of Ardonirane with unique geography, and surrounding politics?...This article will talk about what has been published about Ardonirane, and will go on to speculate what the area around the Thorsz' city is like.

What is known: Ardonirane is a powerful city ruled by a war leader Dhallak m'Thorsz Carn. He is ruthless, and has gold (lots of gold). The Thorsz is actively hiring mercenaries so obviously there is sufficient danger locally to require high quality troops. Specifically we know there are ruins in near by Quercim, and some where there are Red Plains complete with orks. He is not the first of his line, he is just one of a dynasty of Thorszes. The first or 'youngest' Thorsz must have been quite the mage for he created the orbs from Orb Quest and distributed them to his wizards. The nameless mage in Orb Quest spoke of the youngest Thorsz having to civilize and tame the surrounding wilds with independent wizards armed with orbs. A few orbs were lost or stolen and are now being collected by some one and are actively threatening the Thorsz.

Geography: There is very little known about Ardonirane. A city must have water so it is likely located on a river, thus any adventure written could talk of the ports. If it is on a sea or ocean then trade could account for some of the wealth that the Thorsz can spend. However water travel is never mentioned in any of the books and they speak of merchant caravans requiring troop escorts, so we can be confident of at least one overland trade route. I suspect that the area is mountainous because: a) There is no shortage of gold and it is rare to find gold deposits in plains. b) In Orb Quest they speak of the 'realms' (plural) of the Thorsz and yet it seems as if his kingdom is centralized enough that all the recruiting of the army is done thru the Death Tests. This would only be possible if travel times are relatively short. Yet the geography is varied enough that it is meaningful to speak of different regions all under the control of the Thorsz. c) Las!
tly the Red Plains are presumably red because a large number of battles have been fought there. If the terrain is completely flat the fights could happen any where. If the terrain was sufficiently rough that transportation routes would stick to the plains and valleys, it could well happen that a strategic choke point would be the location of many battles.

Political Geography: The Thorsz does not seem to be fighting a vast empire. On the contrary he seems to be in competition with other states for quality fighting men. In Orb Quest it speaks of the "youngest Thorsz" sending out trusted wizards with the orbs to soften up the wilderness before he went conquering. Some of these wizards betrayed him, presumably to enjoy independent political power. Lately the areas surrounding the Thorsz have grown increasingly "darker, more foreboding, and more dangerous". They mention border patrols going outside of communications and then one in five returning wounded or not at all. Therefore the edges of the Thorsz' realm are not peaceful civilized regions with politically stable boarders, but wild areas requiring scouting by small groups. Now some wizard (who can travel and communicate far faster than normal folk) has started rounding up the orbs that are scattered in all directions around the Thorsz' kingdom, and is st!
arting a policy of deliberate harassment.

The nameless wizard in Orb Quest speaks of the missing orbs being aligned towards evil ends. This may be mere hyperbole and or propaganda but it may be that the Thorsz is a relatively benign overlord in an area where such things are rarities. I tend to believe that the Thorsz is an ok guy, because in DT 2, he shows that (tho bad tempered) he treats his underlings with respect and courtesy.

Guesses about the Thorsz:
The Thorsz seems to be new to this ruling business, as he is still setting up the Death Tests and working the bugs out of that procedure. Also his system of awarding rank based on fighting prowess, while no doubt giving him brave officers, will tend to put people with no experience of command or knowledge of strategy, in positions of power in his military. This seems the act of a man whose family until recently was more at home with fighters and heroes rather than advisers and grandiloquent courtiers. I would guess that the youngest Thorsz was the Grandfather of Dhallak m'Thorsz Carn. The current Thorsz is likely the first to rule from the city and is just discovering the joys of economics, guild politics, and the subtle web of influence that has grown around him.

Military Structure Of The Thorsz' Army: This is somewhat confusing, because in DT 1 & 2 they give 5 ranks, namely Recruit, Warrior, Sergeant, 100 Leader, and Thorsz' Guard. But in DT 1 in paragraph 167 they talk about Privates, and in the introduction of DT 2 we meet Captain Ayoch. We could claim that these last two modernism are simple mistakes, which is what I did when Ardonirane was part of my campaign. But let us look at the structure presented. Recruits and Warriors are grunts, while I assume that a Sergeant, then like now, is a Non Commissioned Officer who has the job of taking care of the details when an officer gives an order. Even if we assume that the Sergeant commands a squad sized group of 10 men with out aid, there are no other ranks between him and a 100 leader which is hard to believe. Lastly I thought that a Thorsz guard would either be a personal body guard, or a member of an elite unit rather than someone in the Line of Command.

My suggestion is that at the time of the first 3 adventures, the way the army is classified IS somewhat disorganized. As well as the 5 ranks from the Death Tests, there are any number of people with odd ranks and different responsibilities. This results in increasing amounts of confusion.

Eventually the military is reorganized to fit the system below. The new people entering his service will fit into these neat categories, but the old guard of the Thorsz' cronies, may well have 'funny' ranks and far more influence than might first be suspected. Rank Ideal # ofAtt's Pay Job's

 	 	 	$ / wk	Risk

Private's Listings: Recruit 36 $ 100 4 / 16 Warrior 39 150 4 / 15 Veteran 42 250 5 / 15 Campaigner 45 500 5 / 14 Thorsz' Guard 52+ 1,000 6 / 13
Sergeant's Listings: Logent 40 150 4 / 15 Sergeant 44 250 5 / 14 Padrone 49 500 5 / 14 Sergeant of Guards 55+ 1,500 6 / 12
Captain's Listings: Decathon (Leader) 43 250 5 / 14 (Decathon) Prime 45 250 5 / 15 Hundred Leader 48 500 5 / 15 Hundred Prime 50 500 4 / 15 Captain 52 1,000 4 / 16 Captain of Gaurds 60+ 2,500 5 / 13

To use the above tables in DT 1 & 2 any body that makes it thru may gain any rank in the Private Listings which are directly proportional to the 5 original ranks given in the DTs (tho those that ran away from their friends once will not get a rank above recruit). The leader of a well managed party will be put on the Sergeant's list (either as a Logent or a Sergeant). To get on to the Captain's List, you must be on the Sergeant's list and then distinguish yourself as a leader.

The column entitled Ideal # of Attributes is a guideline showing what the testers are aiming for. A character should never be given a promotion to Veteran because he has just reached 42 attributes, nor should a promotion be denied because some one is short. This if you wish, is the ideal average capability of people entrusted with that much responsibility. (The actual average attribute totals would be about 2 to 5 points lower in most of the higher ranks.)

(Notes on the table above, next page.)

Notes: The (Deca)thon is a group of men theoretically 10 in number but with a great deal of variation. Guard thons have either a Sergeant (if small) or a Captain, but not both The parts of the names in brackets are usually not used in speech so a Decathon Leader would just be called a Decathon.

It is rare to see a Veteran or Campaigner because by the time the individual is that capable he is expected to at least be on the Sergeant's List. Some heros that have proved to be such terrible commanders that after the reorganization they were moved into these new ranks (and they are really pissed about it because of the loss in status).
The ranks of Prime, and Hundred Prime are semi official. The officers stay at their old rank and rate of pay but are given responsibility over approximately 3 times as many men. These semi official ranks are much desired because it is an acknowledgement that you have earned the right to be groomed for promotion. Normally a person will only be in one of these ranks for 6 months to a year. If the candidate is not ready to be moved up after that time, he is 'sent back' to his old rank for at least 6 months. This is to let others try the position. There is theoretically no disapprobation attached to being sent back, but of course the people sent back are disappointed, and in fact they are less likely to be considered for this semi official promotion a second time compared to new blood.

Personalities: The individuals that we know of are:
The first, youngest Thorsz (a wizard, now dead)
Dhallak m' Thorsz Carn
Captain Ayoch (a Red Plains orc)
Captain Trevare Spell Sword (a wizard)
Irrissee (a wizard and advisor)
* Dimholt (dwarven architect)
* Zennorre (elf, chief of intelligence)
* Ahram t'Topeck (local lord of a realm)

* Not official, Rick's own invention.

The Orbs: Before much more than a treasure hunt can be written about the orbs, we have to decide what they do.

What is known about the orbs: The orb we saw in Orb Quest had the following spells on it: Stone Flesh (self powering), Reverse Missiles (s.p.), and Immunity to Sleep, Freeze and all controlling spells. I assume that other orbs could have other spells on them, but even the mundane spells on them are very expensive

Large numbers of orbs were made. These were entrusted to a number of wizards. Some of the wizards betrayed the Thorsz. The orbs seem to be highly valued by wizards. The orbs are kept in towers on the mist plane.

Questions about the orbs: As well as the normal spells mentioned in the Orb Quest adventure, do they have any powers? Do they become more powerful when they are collected together? Who built the towers that the orbs are kept in? What is their relationship to the mist plain that they were stored on for so long? (Were they stored long on the mist plain, or have they just recently been moved there?) Are the hostile orbs being left on the mist plane by the hostile wizard? Are the orbs on the mist plane friendly (or at least neutral) and they are being recovered so that someone else doesn't get to them first? Do the orbs affect mana? Do the orbs affect the minds of creatures, spirits, people, etc.? Why did the youngest Thorsz trust other wizards with the orbs? Was there some great danger that the youngest Thorsz could reasonably expect to force these wizards to fight it and not him?

I don't have good answers to these questions, and would love to see some debate about just what the orbs are. I don't think they are just another magic item and I feel that their being placed in towers on the mist plane is not a coincidence, but the exact story of their power eludes me.

Future Adventures: The Thorsz has several problems that future adventure writers can exploit. Most of his troops are there for the money so there should be officers that have taken bribes, which can put the players in hot water. His borders are growing more dangerous so small groups could run into trouble on patrol. Of course the Orbs are a major concern. Lastly the Thorsz would be in trouble if his income is threatened, groups could be sent out to gain vast treasures and then would be tempted to run off with them.

Testimony 2

The Thorsz runs Ardonirane, along with his Council of Thirteen.
Ardonirane sits between the southern edge of the Auric Mountains and the sea, basically straddling the only viable land trade route between the west and the east. Immediately to the east are the Red Plains, inhabited by nomadic Orc tribes. Further east are the Old Countries (think Europe), including Dran. The west is the really wild area, with all the more R.E. Howard-like locales.

As for Ardonirane (which most characters start off in), it's pretty well stratified into a few sections based on social class. The Palace is cut into the southernmost mountain peak. Just south of that is the really high-class neighbourhood where the nobles live, surrounded by a stone wall. No one owns any land there, though. The Thorsz grants (and revokes) leases on it. The next ring around that are the middle-class neighbourhoods, surrounded by a log palisade. There's the cleaner lower-class neighbourhood, and the Pitwash down by the docks where the seedier types hang out. These have earthworks around them. To the northwest is Soldier's Round, where the mercenary companies camp. The earthworks are patrolled constantly. There's a fair amount of theft and such, but not much violent crime.

The Thorsz and his wizards came into the area (which was very wild then), tamed it, and founded the city. That was 435 years ago (isn't Youth wonderful).

The Thorsz makes the greater part of his wealth through taxing goods into(and out from) the city. There's a trade road that cuts through the middle of Ardonirane, walled off, with 4 gates. One to the east and west, one to the south (the docks), and one to the north (the market place). Everything passing through a gate pays a toll, except the north gate (improves trade within the city). Nobody complains much, though, because the Thorsz troops keep things pretty safe for quite a ways in every direction, though for some reason caravans never seem to be able to make it over the mountains...

Lots of politicking and intrigue there, but it's also a good base for starting things up, as it's the crossroads for most of the world. Not lots of magic items, because finding someone to make them isn't all that easy, and getting the books is pretty difficult, but finely-made stuff is more common. Much more common are chemists and alchemists.

The Red Plains: the sand is a red colour, though certainly enough blood has been shed there. Usually, a caravan will either have made arrangements with some nomadic orc tribe which happens to be in the area, or with the first one they meet to act as escorts. The other tribes will generally leave them alone. Though the Thorsz doesn't appear to control the orcs, he does send
troops after a tribe if it gets too out of hand (attacking a caravan that won't hire a tribe isn't 'out of hand', though). Because the Red Plains are pretty flat, caravans could take any route they wished. But usually, they take relatively straight routes, which means that there are practically
roads through the desert.

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