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Cidri Timeline
This information is derived from ITL and all of the TFT modules save Grail Quest (which is obviously unrelated to Cidri).

Some abbreviations
DT1Death Test 1
DT2Death Test 2
FLDForest Lords of Dihad
ITLIn the Labyrinth
LBTMLand Beyond the Mountains
LOULords of Underearth
MOAMaster of the Amulets
OQOrb Quest
SSSecurity Station
TLTollenkar's Lair
WLDWarrior Lords of Darok
YBPYears before present

Note that the majority of these dates are approximate. Dates derived directly from the text (no matter how vague) are given with an "*" after them. All other dates are estimated.

YBP Event
2800-3300*Jen Mnoren's first jump (ITL)
2500-3000*Mnoren settlement of LBTM by the B'Orja clan (LBTM)
2000Jas N'orn transports shelter ST119 to Cidri (SS)
2000-2500Mnoren Abdication (ITL)
1500-2000Mnoren disappear (ITL)
1200-1800Founding of Chalasi (LOU)
1000-2000Dirringar the Black creates the amulets & is destroyed (MOA)
700-1300Battle of Silver Crossing. Askthor XI slain. (LOU)
600-1200Orcs launch attack on Chalasi in 21st yr of Askthor XIV (LOU)
500*Mikarth's expedition to LBTM (FLD\WLD)
400-800Coming of Crythal the Amber & destruction of Chalasi (LOU)
400City of Paska-Dal begins gem commerce via gate (ITL)
375Gems found in LBTM; Kirsten Kalandai comes from Elyntia (WLD)
350*Bruthe ascends throne in LBTM (WLD\FLD)
325*LBTM fragments upon Bruthe's death-Y174 of the province (WLD)
300-600Rise of Rodrom (LOU)
300-350"High-tech" wars devastate Kel (WLD)
275-300Darok brings in mercenaries & introduces Akhora Cult (WLD)
250-500Founding of the Thorsz empire (OQ)
250-275Purges of Arlen II in Darok (WLD)
248*Landmaster Hall destroyed (TL)
200End of war that devastated Elyntia (ITL)
200Imperial College of Cartographers produce map of Cidri (ITL)
65*Head of t'Bur clan executed for treason (WLD)
~40*Muipocan forces make furthest advance into Darok (WLD)
~40*Ziero Mhaddray murdered and his treasure buried (WLD)
40*Reptile men attempt to storm Interris (WLD\FLD)
25Umbar Cerdan joins the Dihadian Army
23*Savin k'Raag wins Command of Darok (WLD)
16*Arkintrodt becomes Count of Dihad (FLD)
13*Petros wins Command of Darok (WLD)
8*Darimenza tames Kaloth (FLD)
7*Valnezbad appointed as Arkintrodt's Court Magician (FLD)

There are VERY few dates given in any of the published material, along with few descriptions. Thus, there is wide latitude for interpretation. There are some "fixed" (using the term loosely) points, namely the Mnoren settlement of Cidri (strongly implied as being the same time as the settlement of LBTM), the Mikarth expedition to LBTM, the fragmentation of LBTM (in the year 174 of the province), the destruction of Landmaster Hall, and accession of the rulers of Darok and Dihad. Supplementing this are some associated dates, such as the conquest of 371 worlds and settlement of Cidri within 300 years of Jen Mnoren's first journey, etc. All the rest is informed speculation.

With regards to Underearth, I presumed 50 year reigns for the first 10 lords of Chalasi - though dwarves are not long lived like elves, I figured with magical healing, Youth elixirs, and the implied wealth and stability of the Underearth realm through most of its history that a 50 year reign was not out of line; indeed, I may be *underestimating* to a degree. Askthor the XI was slain in the 13th year of his reign, and then there are two more monarchs (XII & XIII) and I assumed 100 years total between them. Askthor XIV endured an attack on Chalasi by orcs in the 21st year of his reign, though it is not stated whether or not he was slain (depends on how well you play the scenario). Though no timeline is given for the attack of Crythal the Amber (which destroyed the realm of Underearth) some length of time is implied; for Underearth had become a wealthy and stable trade centre surrounded by a "sea of disintegrating kingdoms." One would speculate that a minimum of two, and possibly upwards of three or four centuries, had passed. The following scenario involving the fleeing emissaries again implies at least a century or two gap in time, perhaps longer. The very last scenario, which is implied as present, states that at least a few and perhaps several centuries have passed, since there is question as to whether or not the dragon even existed... Note that one could easily extend this timeline, if desired. I have presented a date range for each event, and one may choose a "high" or "low" chronology, as desired, or choose a span of time in between.

Elyntia, Tanander, and wars:
The whole of Elyntia and Tanander (at least), has been devastated by years of conflict. ITL specifically states that "Elyntia and its neighboring kingdoms are still recovering from a devastating war that ended two hundred years ago..." Warrior Lords of Darok mentions that the mercenaries recruited from Kel "...brought with them a hatred of technology..." owing to the "...high-tech wars that had devastated their own homeland..." However, the timelines do not quite match up, for the wars that ruined Kel must have ended before being recruited for the fighting in LBTM - the statement is clearly past tense. And it seems likely that Kirsten Kalandai's expedition probably took place in a time of peace, as it implied a search for a trade route, which would be unlikely during such a devastating conflict.

Still, it is tempting to equate the conflicts - given the vagueness in dating, there is some slight possibility of overlap, or, perhaps, that one or the other source is simply wrong. One must also try to incorporate the evidently predatory realm of Rodrom, ruled by the great wizard Sathal. Note that Chalasi must be located in proximity of Elyntia, LBTM, et al, given that the "Duke of Tanander" is mentioned as the victor of the Battle of Silver Crossing, and, by extension, Rodrom must be in the same general area. Thus, the "high-tech" wars ended by 300 YBP, while the destruction of Landmaster Hall might possibly correspond with a second war, perhaps an invasion from Rodrom, though the implication is that this conflict is much earlier than the 248 years ago stated in Tollenkar's Lair. However, if one were to accept that identification, then one may narrow down considerably the timeframe of the Rodrom invasion (which, presumably, ended with the destruction of Rodrom; otherwise Elyntia and Tanander would not exist at all). Note that the Rodrom invasion and wars must have lasted a good 50 years (at least), in this scenario, if Landmaster Hall was a casualty of this war. Of course, the destruction of Landmaster Hall may owe nothing to the above possibilities, and may have been destroyed by something else altogether. Finally, one must consider the possibility of *three* separate, devastating wars: the war with Rodrom, the High Tech wars of Kel, and the war which hit Elyntia and the neighbouring kingdoms. One might even postulate a fourth conflict that involved Landmaster hall, in particular! Not at all easy to sort out, but here is all of the information needed to make a firm decision on the matter.

Regarding the Death Test series of modules, there is much less to go on. The beginnings of the dynasty are described as having occurred "years ago". Not very helpful, but it suggests that at least a few centuries have passed since the founded of Thorsz' empire, so a range of 250-500 years is suggested.

As for Master of the Amulets, it simply mentions something about the "Ancient Days of great magic". I have placed it somewhere around 1000-2000 years ago, working under the assumption that this would have occurred after the Mnoren abdication, but before more "recent" historical events. Note that this presumes that the Lost Vale of Dirringar the Black is even located in Cidri, something which is never explicitly stated. If not located in Cidri, than the timeline can be whatever the GM wants.

While it is tempting to locate the "Security Station" module in the province of Soukhor in the Land Beyond the Mountains, it is obvious that ST-119 must be elsewhere, since clan B'Orja settled the Vale while the Shelter was transported to Cidri by Jas N'orn - the implication given in the description of Cidri in ITL is that there was considerable clan rivalry, so it is hardly likely two different clans would occupy the same area in so vast a place as Cidri. As for the dating, the first line in the Microquest description states that "During the last days of the Great Empire."; so sometime around the Abdication, it would seem.

At any rate, this information may be used by a GM to establish his own timeline for his campaign. The players in your campaigns might be given the vague outline provided above (or perhaps an even vaguer one) but GMs should make some decisions and build an absolute chronology as a basis for "historical" events.

Founded by Askthor I
(PURSUIT) Defeated by Duke of Tanander at Battle of Silver Crossing - survivors flee to Chalasi (13th year of the reign of Askthor XI, who was slain at the Silver Crossing)
(SURPRISE ATTACK) Surprise attack in the 21st year of the reign of Askthor XIV
(DRAGONFIRE) Coming of Crythal the Amber and the destruction of Chalasi. For centuries trade became the source of wealth in place of plundering and the depleted mines
(PASSAGE OF UNDEREARTH) While Crythal slept, Sathal the wizard rose in power in the neighbouring realm of Rodrom. Several Dwarf and Human kingdoms formed an alliance to break his power, but Sathal's forces attacked their conference. The leaders fled into Underearth to shake their pursuers
(GOLD!) Present day treasure hunt
Arlen I
Arlen II
Arlen III
Arlen IV
First trial by combat for elected commander
Unknown number of combats
Savin k'Raag (10 years)
Petros l'Kamal (13 years - present ruler)

Assuming an average reign length of, perhaps, 25 years (for such a warlike and turbulent bunch) the monarchy lasted perhaps 125 years or so (remember that Al-Thedon died in battle at an early age); the remaining 200 years would have seen around 16-20 different Commanders, assuming that they led for perhaps 10 years on average. This may overestimate things some, for in the text of WLD it is noted that Petros' reign of 13 years made him particularly "long-lived". Note that the line of succession is somewhat problematic, for it is not explicitly stated that Arlen II is the son of Arlen I; depending on how one reads the text, one might assume up to two generations between them. I have chosen the most straightforward approach, and assumed a direct succession.

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