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Before Departure

Born Ngwira and stranded on Lasthope as a child, she added the more Lasthope-sounding name Ferreth when she married Urpriest Windeth 6-Sen eight years ago. Her husband stayed behind on Lasthope. A few years ago you might have seen her moving among the more prestigious classes of society, but she's mostly kept to herself since.

Since Departure

She seems to be popular with the crew, and is consulted by the owner and captain despite having no obvious qualifications as an advisor. She moves around between jobs as though trying to learn to do everything.


Ngwira is dark-skinned, violet-eyed, slender, early twenties and attractive if you like exotic. She favours short pastel dresses over leggings, often decorated with flowers, feathers or eyes. Rather than walking through the world she patters softly across its surface, making no sound and hardly leaving a footprint. When she needs to she can move with a swift, birdlike precision. Ngwira smiles frequently, and laughs seldom.


She modestly denies being good at anything, though if pressed she will admit there are many things at which she is bad. She has been seen haggling with merchants, and practicing with a falx that she explained was actually an agricultural implement. Under the stress of combat she seems to be developing into a useful slinger.


Ngwira is two syllables, neither is stressed. Ng- as in fling, there's no separate sound for the -g-, -w- as in wombat, -ir- as ear, -r- in the back of the throat like in French, -a as in father.

Ferreth is a Lasthope name so you'll have to ask the GM.

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