Paraphrased from the Lords of UnderEarth rulebook

1: Companies

  • Composition:
    • About 30 individuals
  • Combat factor:
    • The sum of ST+DX for all in group divided by 13
    • Assumed leather armor
  • Modifiers:
    • 5 to 10 points lower for no armor
    • 5 to 10 points higher for chainmail
    • 'Home Ground' provide bonus
  • Movement:
    • One point lower than regular MA (due to maintaining formation)

2: Individuals (Leaders)

  • Combat factor:
    • The sum of ST+DX divided by 10
  • Modifiers:
    • Special abilities & magic items increase

3: Maps

  • Scale:
    • One LOU hex is equal to 8 megahexes across
  • Corridors:
    • Tunnels are 1 hex wide
    • Narrow corridors are 1 Mhex wide
    • Wide corridors are 4 MHex wide

4: Turns

  • Scale:
    • One LOU turn is 72 ITL rounds (six minutes)

5: Magic

  • Magic system can be scaled up by adjusting ST cost

Independent Commentary
Does this work? I don't know. The one obvious problem is that the time and map scales don't match up, being off by a factor of three. It looks like a ninefold difference, but really it is only a threefold difference, due to the Mhex conversion. Still, if the LOU turns were 24 rounds (two minutes), it would match perfectly.

The conversion is weak with no real examples, but it could be codified a bit and made workable.

A cleaner conversion system that works, keeps roughly the same values, and implicitly includes armor is (ST + adjDX + 2*Armor)/15

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