Summary of Chapter One for New Players
Journey From Lasthope to Oxxten

Date: 433.6.37 to ?

This summary is out of character and intended to be brief. New players should be able to read it and get a rough orientation.

  • Because we have a dark mage we travel a little faster than unaassisted ships in the day and much faster at night or during an eclipse.
  • We start as soon as the Slope pauses, which happens to be at midnight, and make good time to morning.
  • There's an eclipse but it's annular so we don't have to be worried about lunar fey and demons and whatnot.
  • The wind dies away and for a little while we're almost stopped. We aim for a storm and get some improvement.
  • A small group led by the disgraced Lasthope urpriest Makelt mutinies, demanding he be put in charge. They arm themselves with small knives, some of which have been envenomed by a Earwinashwail rite Makelt knows. They use a bench to try to smash through the hatch that leads onto the ship's deck.
  • Lieutenant Sunk decides to let Makelt out onto the deck and throw him overboard. Kai? baulks at obeying the order and a fight ensues in which the mutineers are defeated. Kai is severely poisoned but survives with the assistance of Smiles.
  • After a trial led by Mort, the mutineers are hung and thrown overboard.

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