Pokemon in TFT
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ST 8 HS/A 2
DX 14 MA 6
IQ 7
Weighing 7kg and measuring 71cm long, this burly symbiont of plant and reptile comes from a parallel plane where energy exists in a more pliable and sentient level. It resembles a squat bluish hybrid between lizard and snapping turtle with a large green bulb on its back.
It is unknown how they got to Cidri but are assumed to have been brought by the Mnoren. Bulbasaurs are able to be trained and have the intelligence of a very smart dog or giant. They will respond to someone with either animal or monster follower talents. They are mildly empathic and can communicate base emotions and simple messages with their masters. The only word they say is 'bulbasaur', though experienced masters can pick up the nuances in their voices.
A bulbasaur can bite for 1d6 2 damage but its main attack is with leech seeds, which it fires from its bulb (treat as a missile weapon for range). The seeds fly in a low arc but have some limited homing ability, and embed themselves in the target and drain 1fST over 3 turns, which is transferred to the bulbasaur's 'master' (who must remain within 3 hexes of the bulbasaur). The bulbasaur has a total of 6 seeds at any one time, and can replenish its stock at a rate of 1 seed a day.
3 in 6 bulbasaurs can use the ivysaur vine whip attack.
Bulbasaurs are vulnerable to fire, taking an extra point of damage per die inflicted, but resistant to blunt weapons, attacks from earth and water elementals and water/cold attacks (resisting an extra point per die inflicted)

ST 10 HS/A 3
DX 13 MA 6
IQ 7
Bulbasaurs evolve into Ivysaurs, larger and bulkier at 13kg and 99cm long. Ivysaurs are no longer able to stand on their hind legs, and their bulbs have now opened to reveal a large pinkish bud.
They attack with a bite for 1 die damage if pressed, but their main weapons are ranged ones. An ivysaur can fire a volley of razor leaves (1-2 damage each, treat as sha-ken, with a total of 18 leaves the leaves get replenished at a rate of 1 a day), use its two vine whips (treat as whips), or emit a poison gas cloud from its flower bud.

ST 25 HS/A 4
DX 12 MA 6
IQ 7
AT maturity, the flower opens and the ivysaur becomes a venusaur, weighing in at 100kg and 2m long a 2-hex figure. It spends its spare time absorbing solar energy from the sun in its flower, which it can fire as a beam at enemies for 1-1 damage per fST expended (maximum of 4 fST; undead take double damage, including insubstantial beings like ghosts and wraiths)
It can also release a cloud of sleep powder (treat as molotail, 4/ST to resist sleep on direct hit, 3/ST if 1 hex away)

ST 8 HS/A 1 (4 in rear hex)
DX 14 MA 8
IQ 8
A squirtle is a mystical Water pokemon, possibly a form of water elemental, weighing 9kg and measuring around 0.7m in height. They resemble some sort of cherubic turtle-baby, blue in colour.
The main thing they do (apart from looking very cute) is to spit a gout of water for 1-2 fatigue damage. They have a natural THROWN WEAPONS talent with this, and can aim at an enemy's face (-4 adjDX) to blind them for the following round (and remainder of the current round, if they haven't already attacked). The gout of water they spit will also put out any fire in the hex they hit successfully (magical included).
If pressed, a squirtle can bite for 1-2 damage.
Water is their natural element and they can easily hide in it (4/IQ to see). They are resistant to fire and take 1 point less per die of damage inflicted, but are more vulnerable to electricity and take an extra point per die of damage.

ST 11 HS/A 2 (5 in rear hex)
DX 13 MA 8
IQ 8
A squirtle evolves into a wartortle, sprouting teeth, horns, and growing to 1m in height and 22kg in weight. Wartortles have all the abilities of squirtles plus they may skull bash with their horns (1+2 damage), or gain double damage from a charge of 2 hexes or more.
They may also enter HTH combat and bite for 1+2 damage. Their gout of water will do 1 die fatigue damage.
Wartortles have the same resistance and vulnerability as squirtles.

ST 22 HS/A 4 (7 in rear hex)
DX 12 MA 8
IQ 8
A wartortle will evolve into a blastoise, a solid 1.5m or more in height and 90kg heavy. They grow two metallic cannons from their shoulders which fire high powered jets of water (treat as a single beam of water, as a MISSILE WEAPON for range and MAGIC FIST for damage and knockdown effects, plus working as a powerful AVERT spell (4/ST or be moved back 2 hexes). The fST cost is as a MAGIC FIST spell, i.e. 1fST per 1-2 damage.
A blastoise can also elect to bite for 2 dice damage in normal or HTH combat.
Blastoises have the same resistance and vulnerability as squirtles.\\

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