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Ship's Log - Slope Runner

Day 1

Having been approved by Priest Sowin, I am the first officer aboard. We could not hope for a better ship. To touch her timbers is to feel the life flowing through the living wood. May she bear us safely Up-Slope to our good fortune.

If at all possible, I believe it would be in the best interest to convince Captain Navvin to command. However, I fear he would rather stay and live out his final years here on Last Hope. I will convene the others who volunteer soon to discuss our need of an experienced Master.

I have been informed that we will not be allowed any food rations for our journey. The wisdom of the priests of Earwinashwail is supreme. May our period of fasting earn favor in their sight, and their blessings.

I have begun arranging for fresh water supplies. Fortunately there is no shortage of water on the island. If we can keep the sailor's bellies full with water, we may well ward off the 'fits' as muscles collapse under fatigue from prolonged use without provisions.

I have been informed that we are to take on a contingency of citizens. The terms of our departure require that we pledge their safety on this trip. I will do my best to see this order implemented.

Lt. Defense

Day 2

No other officers have yet signed. The few others who have arrived at the dock look rough, if not capable. I believe it might be necessary to reach out to Captain Navvin myself and convince him to come. If I cannot convince him, other capable officers may not join the crew. Without capable men, we sail to our end.

Logistics demands that we consider taking tools and materials to construct a camp when we arrive. We may receive no welcome at all. I have begun to ask around, but taking anything valuable to the lowland with us seems forbidden. I will do my best. I am also spending time getting to know every inch of this ship.

Accurate navigation maps are rare here in Last Hope. Having studied the slope extensively, I know that the Lands of the Iron Lords lie South West approximately 120 leagues. Our next nearest neighbor is Oxxten at 150 leagues North-North West. In normal seas, our ship could cover 40-45 leagues in a day. The pause will only afford us three days when the current dissipates enough for us to make the progress we need westward. We cannot plot a straight line course to either destination. Neither can we plot a course prior to departure. We will need to make the most of the fall storms, moving as far up-slope as we can to ensure that we can vector to safe harbor. The velocity of the slope will not be constant during this period. Our best chance to move north or south will come when the slope is nearest pause. But, there are too many variables to predict a heading now. If we had provisions, I would suggest leaving as soon as the slope allowed us any forward momentum. The wind direction and speed will tell all. The safest course is to go due west, making as much progress as we can early. The riskier route is to vector toward our objective right away. We will cover more distance this way, and arrive earlier. But, if we take this risk, the winds may be unfavorable for us to move up slope, and there will be no possibility of return.

Lt. Defense

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