The Journal of The One Who Smiles:

433.5.36 -- The crew such as it is, was assembled this morning, I seem to have secured the surgeon's position which is what I intended. The captain seems knowledgeable enough, if a bit old. There are also a few seemingly competent officers. The crew, on the other hand, are the sorriest bunch of scurvy-dogs I've ever set me sights on. Not one of them will give an "argh Matey!" at the right time! Combine their lack of experience with the level of complaints they are already airing about the food situation, I fully expect a mutiny or cannibalism or both aboard the ship before this short journey concludes. I should start brainwashing them about the health benefits of not eating sooner rather than later.

433.5.38 -- The work is proceeding well, although it would be better if we were taking on medical supplies and food stores in addition to worthless, freeloading crew and passengers.

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