This is Michael Taylor's Ultimate spell list

  compiled during a very bad Arnold movie if memory serves. Lord how history  repeats...

Dragon, Vol. 4, No.6 (?) Some Spells for the Very Smart Sorceryer

Freedom (17/T)

Heat Metal (17/T)

Slip (17/T)

Stun (17/C)

Tongues (17/S)

Weakness (17/T)

Animate Dead (18/C)

Apport (18/S)

Blind (18/C)

Paralyze (18/C)

Enchant Weapon (19/S)

Magic Sword (19/S)

Polymorph Others (19/S)

Polymorph Self (19/S)

Earthquake (20/S)

Raise Dead (20/T)

Wither (20/T)

FF#3, Armor, Weapons and Spell Expansions

Cast Sound (10/T)

Feather Fall (11/T)

Light Healing Spell (11/T)

Medium Healing Spell (14/T)

Heavy Healing Spell (18/T)

Light Manipulation (25/S)

Sixth Sense (25/S)

Fordce Field (25/C)

Energy Field (25/T)

Energy Rope (25/C)

Energy Bolt (25/M)

Destroy Metals (25/T)

Disintegrate (25/T)

The Crippling Spell: Loss of Legs (25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Loss of Arms (25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Deafness (25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Muteness(25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Blindness (25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Insanity (25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Clutziness(25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Weakling(25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Multipled Ugliosis (25/S)

The Crippling Spell: Aging (25/S)

Multiple Spell Capability (25/ T)

Grand Illusion (25/C)

Acid Ice Flows

Warm Rock (9/T)

Fire Hot (11/S)

Ice Ball (12/M)

Warm Wood (12/T)

Summon Nthizz (14/C)

Sleet STorm (15/M)

Summon Zack-Siss (17/C)

Ice Tomb (19/C)

Stop Fires (20/S)

Temperature Wall (26/T)

Inept Adept #1

Power Blast (10/T)

Tongues (12/S)

Firey Guardian (15 /S)

Walls That Hear (16 /C)

Stiff Flesh (17/T)

Steel Flesh (17/T)

Inept Adept #2

Tree of Spikes (10/C)

Summon 1-hex Spider (12/C)

Yellow Smoke (12/C)

Advanced Destroy Creature (13/T)

Sonic Blast (13/S)

Summon Dire Wolf (13/C)

Yellow Smoke, 4-hex (14/C)

Tree of Spikes (14/C)

Zone of Silence (14/C)

Yellow Smoke, 7-hex (16/C)

Find Hidden Objects (16/T)

Lock/Knock Portal (17/T)

Megahex Spell Shield (18/T)

Ice Tomb (19/C)

Summmon 14-hex Dragon (20/C)

Summon 7-hex Spider (20/C)

Gate Trap (22/S)

Control Hymenopterans (25/T)

Summon Ichorlaton (27/C)

Destroy Magic Items (28/S)


Dry Ice (20/T)


Rod of Aaron (13/T)

Place Exchange (16/S)

Location (11/S)

Smoke (12/C)

Zone of Silence (14/C)

Force Field (25/C)

Bats Out of Hell (15/C)

Death Disk (?)


Whirlwind (14/S)

Bind Spirit (13/S)


Heat Metal (17/T)

Stun (17/T)

Weakness (17/T)

Image, 14-hex (17/C)

Blind (18/T)

Diamond Flesh (18/T)

Light Ray (18/M)

Shadow, 14-hex (18/C)

FIre, 14-hex (18/C)

Wall, 14-hex (18/C)

Illusion, 14-hex (18/C)

Temporary Enchantment (18/T)

Animate Weapon (19/S)

Metamorph Others (19/T)

Metamorph Self (19/S)

Levitate (19/T)

Pit (19/C)

Earthquake (20/S)

FIre Blast (20/S)

Ground (20/T)

Summon Large Dragon (20/C)

Multiple Creation (20/S)

Enforce (20/S)

Create Gem (16/S)


Turning (9/T)

Knotting/Unknotting (12/T)

Ice (13/C)

Amnesia (14/T)

Magic Mist (14/C)

Staff to Wweapon (17/T)

Vampire Spell (19/T)

Auto Shapeshifting (20/T)

Discrete Astral Projection (17/S)


Spell Combustion (11/T)

Control Missile (15/T)

Cure Light Wounds (9/S)

Cure Serios Wounds (14/S)

Bless (9/S)


Numb Spell (14/T)

Detect Life (9/S)

Warm (10/T)

Chil (10/T)

Summon Class I (8/C)

Summon Class II (10/C)

Summon Class III (11/C)

Summon Class IV (13/C)

Summon Class V (14/C)

Summon Class VI (16/C)

Summon Class VII (18/C)

Summon Class VIII (20/C)


Water Purification (9/T)

Messenger Ligth (9/C)

Cure Blindness/Deafness (11/T)

Poison Immunity (12/T)

Plant Fertility/Disease Cure (12/T)

Commune With Nature (12/S)

Increase Animal Fertility (13/T)

Toss (15/T)

Flight II (16/T)

Solar Flare (16/S)

Steel Flesh (20/T)

Human Fly (20/T)

Dimension Shift (23/S)

Vertigo Blast (23/S)

Gravity Shift (33/S)

Magnetic Zap (33/T)

Wolf-Hearing (14/T)

Featherweight (15/T)

Transmute (15/S)


Deform (?/T)

TSG #57 Trivial Spell Contest Results

Summon Brass Dragon (12/C)

Turn Blue (8/S)

Ingold's Instant Insanity (8/S)

Summon Mime (10/C)

Summon Barmaid (8/C)


Glasses, False Nose & Moustache (8/T)

Fat (8/T)

Dancing Brass Knuckles (9/C)

Disco (9/C)

EPA Evaluatin (10/S)

Hemorrhoid (10/T)

Summon Nymphomaniac (11/C)

Satyr (11/T)

Dancing Sword (11/C)

Neutron Bomb (12/T)

Artillery Shell (12/M)

Summon Killer Bees (12/C)

Spanish Moss (13/C)

Summon Osmondoids (13/C)

Skylab (14/C)

Clone (15/C)

Summon 12-hex Battleship (16/C)

Summon Captain Marvel (16/C)

From: Michael Taylor

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