Campaign Logs

Entire logs:

  • Out-of-Character Summary in a Single File: Intended for new players and reference.
    • Background: The World of the Slope
    • Prologue: Lasthope
    • Chapter One: Journey from Lasthope to Oxxten, including the Makeltist mutiny
    • Chapter Two: Journey from Lasthope to Oxxten, continued, including Crab Island
    • Chapter Three: Neeki, including the pistol theft
    • Chapter Four: To Almeda, including a battle with ogres, also the death of Cynthia
    • Chapter Five: Into Chalion, including riding to warn the Chalionese the Roknari are coming
    • Chapter Six: Chalion, an encounter with a fey, the loss of Vane and the transmogrification of Angelina
    • Chapter Seven: Searching for and failing to help the afflicted of Svemunderkwm
    • Chapter Eight: Return to Roknar
    • Chapter Nine: Tyrinnec and Nighencrag in Brajar, including the fixing of the Wonder Clock and a misunderstanding with local rebels
    • Chapter Ten: From Tyrinnec towards Darthaca, including fighting through the Forgehot pirates' blockade
    • Chapter Eleven: Vanrorhemm in Darthaca
    • Chapter Twelve: Experiments on the Temple of the Mad God outside Vanrorhemm
    • Chapter Thirteen: Entering the underfloor space in the Temple of the Mad God and battling eels in the Toilet of the Elves
    • Chapter Fourteen: Bat-eels and hook-swords on the rim of the Toilet of the Elves, and the escape of the unflushables.
    • Chapter Fifteen: Nororich, negotiating the destruction of our spoils, and a bardic contest.
    • Chapter Sixteen: A shamaness, an abortive attempt to steal horsehair, a battle with scorpions and incarceration by those we helped.
    • Chapter Seventeen: Trial by truth spell...
  • A List of Open Questions: Things we don't understand and would like to, questions without answers, puzzles and apparent paradoxes.
  • Purple Hearts and Wound Badges: Player characters and important NPCs killed or wounded in the line of adventuring.
  • Smiles' Journal: Prolog only
  • Ship's Log: Prolog only
  • Ship's Medical Log: Prolog only

Original GM Suggestions

It is very useful for players to keep a log of what has happened and lists important people, places and events that have occurred. It is hoped that one or more of the players will keep such a log. To encourage this, I will give a modest bonus amount of experience points for the people who do this. I suggest that these are organized by Chapters. If two people keep a log in the first chapter, then both logs will be placed in the Chapter 1 folder, etc.

However, so far the only chapter with multiple logs is the Prolog, and the only log covering multiple chapters is the out-of-character campaign log.

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