A list of injuries sustained by player characters and important non-player characters in the course of adventuring.

The Makelt Mutiny - Chapter 1
Kai's FaceKaiMakeltist mutineersDagger or knife (envenomed by religious ritual)8? 
MortMortMakeltist mutineersDagger or knife (envenomed by religious ritual)Minor?Venom had no effect
Exploring Crab Island - Chapter 2
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraLava tube terrainSharp rock1Knees
Vane's FaceVaneLava tube terrainSharp rock1Knees
Escaping Crab Island - Chapter 2
Angelina's FaceDefenseSharp Pink Coral Mermen?? 
MortMortSharp Pink Coral Mermen?? 
Smiles' FaceSmilesSharp Pink Coral Mermen?Severe? 
Ogres Attack a Farmhouse - Chapter 4
The Death by Torture of Cynthia - Chapter 4
Cynthia's FaceCynthiaTorturer of the Temple of the Brother at NeekiVarious implementsFatal 
The Fae Lady of the Pool - Chapter 6
Vane's FaceVaneLady of the PoolFey magicDisappearedAssumed quasi-permanently lost
Angelina's FaceDefenseLady of the PoolFey magicTransmogrified into a ThelonicanEventually reversed by shaman
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraLady of the PoolNgwira's own sling stones via fey magic5+3Almost fatal, also cursed
Escorting the Priest of the Bastard to Refuge - Chapter 8
IbraIbra? (Miguel)Fall while climbingSharp rocks1First aid removed
A Misunderstanding with the Tyrinnec Resistance - Chapter 9
MortMortTyrinnec resistance fighterPicklightmostly stopped by rite
JervisJervisTyrinnec resistance fighterSword?Barely conscious 
Running the Forgehot Pirate Blockade of Tyrinnec - Chapter 10
ArguntArguntForgehot berserkSword?5 
Kai's FaceKaiForgehot berserkaxeMortalSaved by Smiles
Smiles' FaceSmilesForgehot pirate?Moderate? 
MortMortForgehot pirate?? 
Unknown FacePeerageForgehot pirate?Immediately Fatal 
Unknown FaceSunkForgehot pirate?Immediately Fatal 
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraForgehot pirateArrow3 
JuliaJulia GoselSelfBlood Spell1 
The Elf Toilet - Chapter 13
Angelina's FaceLieutenant Angélina DefenseEelTeeth and spines6Poisoned
ArguntArguntEelTeeth and spines1 
Buzz DrinkingBuzzEelTeeth and spines5Posioned, almost collapsed (exhaustion), progressive bleeding, saved from bleeding to death by Smiles
JuliaJulia GoselEelTeeth and spines6Unconscious from magical exhaustion, then poisoned, progressive bleeding, dead eel lodged in mouth with spines through cheeks, kept from drowning by Smiles, saved from bleeding to death by Smiles
JervisJervisEelTeeth and spines11Unconscious, mortally wounded, saved by Smiles
MortMortEelTeeth and spines2Poisoned
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraEelTeeth and spines2Poisoned
Smiles' FaceSmilesEelTeeth and spines4Poisoned
The Elf Toilet - Chapter 14
JervisJervisBat-EelStinger?Unconscious, mortally wounded, saved by Smiles
JuliaJulia GoselSelf-inflictedBlood magic?Disabled by pain and sound sensitivity caused by casting anti-magic spell
Stopping the Elven Bloodmage's Escape - Chapter 17
JuliaJulia GoselElven blood mageBlood magicFatalEyes burnt out
Running the Pirate Blockade of Nororich - Chapter 17
ArguntArguntPiratesHeavy crossbow bolt7 
MortMortPiratesMagical ghosting light arrow2Arrow passed through an apparently solid line of fighters.
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraPiratesPoisoned missile9Including 4 from poison. Stabilised by Smiles, never quite lost consciousness.

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