Characters Currently Attached to the Party

Player Characters
ImageCharacterPlayerChapter Entered GameJob Aboard Slope RunnerDescriptionKnown SkillsWeapons
Angelina's FaceLieutenant Angelina DefenseRichard WaltersPrologMaster and First LieutenantOrderly female ship's officer and scholar, stranded on Lasthope as adultEverything ships, advanced mathematics, scholar of history and military tactics, fights with two weapons and knows how to throw daggersBastard Sword and Cutlass, throwing daggers
Argunt/TrogdorArgunt 8CrewReptile man who considered himself to owe a life-debt to JuliaSwimmingSword, Claws
Rosencrantz 'Buzz' de Buzzstein FaceBuzzWesley Baucum13noneAlcoholic nobleBrewingNamed sword and shield
Jervis' FaceJervis ChambersDan Nicholson7Carpenter, crewWoodsman and traveller, servant supreme and master of all known skillsForests, Ships, Sewing, Serving, Carpentry, Cooking, MechanicianSword?
MortMortSteve ReinhardtPrologCrewAdventurer / Lawman?Acolyte of Earwinashwail, Truth tellingShort sword, shield
Ngwira's FaceNgwiraDavid BofingerPrologCrewQuiet estranged wife of an urpriest, stranded on Lasthope as a child.Seeing, speaking, sneakingSlings of various sizes, falx
Seph's FaceSephMarianne17PassengerMagician, escaping Roknar.Orthodox magicbow, quarter staff
Smiles' FaceSmilesThomas FulmerPrologSurgeonLascivious male "ex"-priest with a pirate like vocabulary. Alternates very upbeat/energetic and a rude/jerk of a pirateAttractive, medicine, religious(?) healing, acrobaticsUnarmed combat
Non-Player Dependents
ImageCharacterAssociated Player CharacterDescriptionKnown SkillsWeapons
IsstaIssta de FreejanSmilesEight year old orphanMartial Arts, home chore skillsunarmed combat

Characters Aboard Slope Runner, Who Don't Leave It to Go Adventuring with the Party

Characters Still Aboard Whose Players Have Withdrawn
ImageCharacterPlayerJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeapons
Scriallig's FaceScrialligMarc GacyOwner on boardOne-armed male silver dwarf businessman from a ship-owning familyBusinessBlunderbuss, Hook on Arm?
Unknown FaceKaiTony PurcellCrewSturdy female sailor?Short sword, shield
Non-Player Crew
CharacterAssociated Player CharacterJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeapons
AlbethaSmilesSurgeon's mateEarly 20s femaleUntrained in first aid but learning?
DonauilnoneCrew?maleWood carving?
Captain Johnnen EmbrarScriallig (employer)Captainelderly experienced sea captain??
MicnoneCrew?male?Dagger, including pommel
Mipe Gnach ("Mipe")noneFourth Lieutenantmale??
NogLieutenant Angelina DefenseMaster's matemale??
WillethainSmilesSurgeon's mateLate 20s/early 30s maleStudies first aid?
GifethPart-owner on boardNgwira (tension, also with Sufet)Handsome thirtyish man with a relaxed and easygoing mannerdaggerThought to have left at Neeki, but now part owner
SufetGifeth's assistant?Ngwira (tension, also with Gifeth)Early twenties woman?Thought to have left at Neeki but possibly on board and working for Gifeth still
Animate Artefacts
CharacterAssociated Player CharacterJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeapons
Slope RunnernoneLong-range merchant shipFour-Masted BarqueUndulatory swimming, active mitigation of damageTwo arbalests, one swivel gun

Characters Previously Attached to the Party

Deceased Player Characters
ImageCharacterPlayerEntry ChapterExit ChapterJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeaponsCause of Death
Cynthia's FaceLady Cynthia HemphillDan NicholsonProlog4GunnerA hot smarty pantsattractive, scholar, historian, naturalist, chemic Initiate, recognize value, shorthand, librarianGuns, rapierTortured by the Temple of the Brother at Neeki
GoselJulia GoselMarianne816LookoutBeautiful Elven princess of the kingdom of CascadiaBard, Actress, Religious Acolyte, Blood MageMagicKilled by blood magic
Missing/Captured Player Characters
ImageCharacterPlayerEntry ChapterExit ChapterJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeaponsCircumstances
Vane's FaceVane WindwrightNils LindebergProlog6Sail Mage or CrewA shady sailor sporting a sling and a spellbinding smileSeaman, (wind mage) and ranged supportSling, Staff, LeathersFey in a pool near Svemunderkwm
LunaLunaMarianne1718Midshipman candidateMysterious fortune teller who often speaks vaguelyNavigation, Fortune TellingDaggersSurrendered herself to Forgehot raiders to save Slope Runner
Characters No Longer Aboard Whose Players Have Withdrawn
ImageCharacterPlayerEntry ChapterExit ChapterJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeapons
IbraMiguel "Ibra" Espada?Nils Lindeberg79noneCharming swashbuckling bastard with a love for bravado and a good story.Advanced fencing and shield techniques, a student of strategy and a professional pine cone dodger. Landlubber and Ex Squad Leader.Sword and Board
CharacterAssociated Player CharacterDescriptionKnown SkillsWeaponsMethod of Departure
ElannoneDown on his luck bardLute, puppetrynone?Left behind
HawrosnoneElderly farmerCharming, persuasive, negotiation, story-tellingnoneIn horror on finding Julia was a bloodmage

Characters Previously Aboard Slope Runner

Deceased Non-Player Characters
CharacterJobDescriptionKnown SkillsWeaponsCause of Death
?Two(?) Theocratist passengersmale?Dagger or small knife (envenomed by rite?)Killed in mutiny.
MakeltCorrupt urpriestmalePersuasive, rite of envenomationDagger or small knife envenomed by rite.Executed for mutiny.
Caius & EldPriests?male?Dagger or small knife (envenomed by rite?)Executed for mutiny.
??two passenger volunteers??Washed Overboard by water elemental summoned by wizard of Sharp Pink Coral.
??two passenger volunteers??Killed by mermen of Sharp Pink Coral.
NethiestCrewMale follower of Earwinashwail??Killed by mermen professional warriors of Sharp Pink Coral.
PeerageFirst and Second Lieutenantmalecommand, navigation?Killed by Forgehot pirate
SunkThird Lieutenantmale, doesn't say much, forgets small details??Killed by Forgehot pirate
Disembarked(?) Passengers
CharacterAssociated Player CharacterDescriptionKnown SkillsWeaponsMethod of Departure
ConnerVaneRude male chauvinist apprentice orthodox magicianAid?Involuntarily put ashore at Neeki

People We've Met

This list is abandoned and hopelessly incomplete.

CharacterAssociated Player CharacterJobNotes
?noneBrother-dedicantGrudge and suspicion against Cynthia and crew of Slope Runner generally, presumably ordered Cynthia's death.
Almeda and Vicinity
CharacterAssociated Player CharacterJobNotes
JemterAngelinaAssistant to the headmanPrompt attraction to Angelina
MaemajAngelinaQuadrene Priestess of the Mother 
Mogtej (and family)noneFarmerFarm near Almeda on Neeki road. Father, three sons, one daughter, saved from ogre attack by party.

GM's Original Notes

These notes have to some extent been obsoleted by scope creep.

This is a place where the player characters are described. Each should have a picture showing what they look like. Also a short description of what the character is like.

In this you would say "Morcor is strong and moves fast", rather than giving his ST and DX. The idea is how the character presents him or herself to the world. I hope that after each chapter or two, the players will read thru the descriptions of their characters and update them to reflect their growing competence, their death, or any other things that have affected their character in the past.

The character sheet is held by the GM and player and what is on that sheet is secret information to all others.

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