There are two sections of the rules.

First are those that I feel everyone, everywhere should love and I am inordinately pleased with. These are posted publicly on the TFT website that Joe has made and can be found here...

All of the rules there are official for this campaign. If I post rules there that are NOT official for the Slope, it will say so in those rules.

The link below goes to a page with a modified GM shield and any other GM aids I wish to put here.

GM Aids

Second are those rules which are not ready for prime time. They may be works in progress, rules I am not happy with, things that need polishing, etc. They are posted here on this wiki. They are official for now, but they are far more likely to be tweaked or changed as the months go on. Also those rules that only make sense for this campaign setting are here.

Dark Elves in the Slope Campaign

Humans in the Slope Campaign

Knacks in the Slope Campaign


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